Language Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (LCS) is a professional translation company that provide high quality professional translation and localization services to enable you to communicate accurately. We use professional translators to translate into and from over many languages so you can be sure we have the right solution for you. Read more about the specific language translation. Language Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. is a result oriented and dedicated language solutions company providing translation, interpretation, software and website localization, transcription, voice over, editing, proof reading, validation, and multilingual publishing (DTP) in every international language. LCS is one of the leading providers of document translation services. We offer translation services in almost all the Indian, Asian, European and African languages. With the geographical boundaries being increased and world becoming a minuscule, language barrier has to be removed. With the wide range of translation services offered by LCS in language, technology (software localization) and desktop publishing you can easily target to enter any geography! LCS has over 4000 employees to offer multi-lingual services in almost every domain. We offer quality translation services in almost every field such as: Education Technology Medical Automobile Marketing Business Administration Telecommunication Legal Research and Development General While translating the documents, one needs to understand the jargon, culture, sentiments and usage of the locals. Our experienced translators pay full attention to all these aspects while translating the documents. A good translated document instantly uplifts the image of the client and at LCS we value the prestige of our clients very much. We ensure to assign the document to native language translator with sound knowledge of the subject. Our translators are provided regular trainings to keep them up to date with the latest linguistic developments in their sector. Usage of tools like CAT, SDLX and Trados further ensure consistency in translations. We have a dedicated team of quality auditors who ensure that the translation quality is up to the mark. They ensure that while translating the document the original meaning is retained. It happens sometimes that source document may contain some proverb and if that is translated word by word in the target language it would make no sense. Hence, it is very much essential to have in-depth knowledge of the subject and language while translating a document. Our translators and quality analysts lay emphasis on accurate use of language and high quality terminology. LCS also adheres to deadlines provided by our customers. We understand that delay in delivering the projects on time results can be cost demanding on the client’s end. Hence, we follow proper process to produce qualitydocument translations. To get a better insight into our translation services, click… Contact Us :- Language Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. T6 Anupam Plaza, 3rd Floor, IIT Crossing Aurobindo Marg, Hauz Khas New Delhi-110 016, INDIA Tel: +91-11-4604 0261 Mob: +91 9810441212 Fax: +91-11-4604 0262 Email: [email protected] ..languageconsultancyservices.. 相关的主题文章:

If you are a technical officer and is looking to develop knowledge management or business intelligence solution for your company than first thing which hit your mind is to go for proprietary softwares. Proprietary softwares come with pre designed panels and with redefined set of instructions. These softwares leave a very small space to you customize the solution as per your company requirement. With the emergence of new innovation open source based solutions are becoming quite popular among the companies which are looking to create knowledge management or business intelligence solution. These solutions are sum result of combining various components in one unique platform this process is called open source integration Solutions built on integration have their own benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned below: Cost effective As the open source integration are done by integrating components which comes for free and with no licensing cost. These solutions cut the cost which you need to pay for acquiring license thus making it affordable by small budget companies. Flexible These solutions are flexible in nature so that you can customize the solution as per your current business requirement. By making little changes in the components you can add new features or remove those features which are not in use. Reduce dependency These solutions reduce dependency on the solution provider as you can access all the knowledge which is easily available on internet. Many companies like InfoAxon technologies also provide training to the employees of their client company before delivering the open source integration solution so that you solve any issue which arises in the solution thus saving your company a good amount of money which would be otherwise be paid to the vendor company to get the problem fixed. Agile technology The service provider usually works on agile technology in which they deliver the project in form of releases. This reduces the burden to your testing department to check the entire solutions in one go. You can check the solution release by release and can contact your vendor company if any discrepancy arises. Online Communities In case if some crucial problem arises which you are not able to cope up with, you can check the online open source community wherein you can take help of other developers working in open source arena. This particularly helps while adding new features in the solution which are new and innovative in the market. How Organizations Can Benefit From Database Performance Management By: Rosario Berry – The production and consumption of data have grown by several folds over the course of the last decade and with the growth database are now required to be more dynamic and complex in terms of their functionality. 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Reference-and-Education Hospitality has be.e the world’s largest and most dynamic industry. Therefore, the industry requires an educated next generation of leaders. Hospitality training builds your business knowledge and skills across an array of topics. Once training is .pleted, you will enter into an elite group of corporate leaders who are taking hospitality into new directions worldwide. One of the most important topics covered by hospitality training is hotel revenue management. Hotel revenue management is an increasingly vital function that involves a coordinated effort across the organization. Hotels can increase revenue by balancing demand, reservation scheduling and variable pricing. It is essentially selling the right room to the right person at the right time for the right price. A hospitality training course prepares you to make a lasting impact at your organization by employing advanced revenue management techniques and strategies for your hotel operation. In addition to evaluating different pricing models and applying duration-management strategies, hotel revenue management training provides a foundation for more advanced revenue management courses in forecasting, group management and overbooking, and pricing strategy. Further hospitality training will teach the application of revenue management techniques to other hospitality-related industries, such as spas and athletic facilities. In fact, revenue management concepts and practices can be applied to nearly any related industry. An industry is applicable for revenue management if it has a fixed capacity, time-variable demand and perishable inventory. Restaurants, conference halls, and golf facilities are all examples of establishments requiring revenue management. The rapidly changing hospitality industry paired with the increasing sophistication of travelers requires more nimble, well-executed business strategies. Hospitality leaders who can perform strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation are most likely to enjoy long-term career success by winning over customers and delighting investors. Long-term success in the hospitality industry requires a .petitive advantage that can be leveraged to deliver superior results. Successful hospitality managers have a meticulous understanding of the process of creating value and the role of the value proposition in developing the best strategy to create a unique, sustainable .petitive advantage. Hospitality training teaches the skills necessary to evaluate strategic alternatives such as cost advantage and differentiation strategies, as well as the strategies of .petitors, where they generate value, and their positioning. Participants learn to assess business-level strategies designed to create value at the property level. Corporate strategies deal with the direction of the firm, the markets in which it will .pete, and the management of a portfolio of properties. Students develop the skills to assess the ability of a variety of strategic alternatives to create value and .petitive advantage as well as how to perform value-chain and .petitor analyses to inform strategic decision-making. Once you .plete hospitality training, you are prepared for an incredible variety of careers in the five trillion dollar global hospitality industry. Having an advanced knowledge of revenue management further increases your chance of advancing within the .anization, around the country and across the globe. If you enjoy working with others and aspire to be the best at whatever you pursue, then training in hospitality management is your passport to a future of success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Finance Deflation and inflation are two problems that arise in an economy that must be solved if a stable trade environment is to be reached. Deflation arises when there is too little money to flow and inflation comes about when there is too much of it to know what to do with. Generally with deflation people are working and saving to pay off debts, there is too much debt and so there needs to be some stimulus to create more money in the economy. Western countries have dealt with this problem which is affecting the global and national levels of economic growth by printing money from thin air, several billion Dollars worth of new money in fact. Here Ill out line their method of creating this new money. The government requires $10billion and goes to the Federal Reserve with the request. The Federal Reserve replies yes, we will buy $10billion in government bonds from you. The government then goes about drawing up some pieces of paper and marks out Treasury Bond onto each one continuing to do so until they have $10billion worth and sends those over to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve then begins printing the money and types a few digits into a bank account and once this happens, this adds $10billion to the money supply. Only about 3% of the money supply is paper money, the rest is all digits on our screens. Government bonds however are instruments of debt by their design and when the Federal Reserve purchases these from the government with money made from nothing, the government is actually promising that they will pay back the $10billion to the Federal Reserve and so we can determine that the money was created out of debt. This new money that was deposited into the bank now behaves like any other deposit would. Like all fractional banking; this $10billion deposit now becomes part of the banks reserves and as stated by modern money mechanics, a bank must maintain legally required reserves equal to a prescribed percentage of its deposits. It then quantifies this by then stating, Under the current regulations, the reserve requirement against most transaction accounts is 10%. This means, that with a $10billion, 10% or $1billion is held as the required reserve and the other $9billion remains as what is called the excessive reserve and can be used as a basis for new loans. Its easy to assume that the $9billion comes from what is left over from the original $10billion when in fact this $9billion is more money that is created out of thin air on top of the $10billion deposited which brings it up to $19billion of new money created and this is how the money supply is expanded. As stated in Modern Money Mechanics, Of course, they (the banks) do not really pay out loans from the money they receive on deposits. If they did this, no additional money would be created. What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes (loan contracts) in exchange for credits (money) to the borrower transaction accounts. In other words, the $9billion can be created out of thin air simply because there is a demand for such a loan and there is a $10billion deposit to satisfy the reserve requirements. Lets say that somebody takes out a loan on the now available $9billion and most likely deposits it into their own bank account and then that deposit now becomes part of the banks reserves and the process repeats itself in this bank. 10% is set aside and the remaining $8.1billion is created as new money for more loans. This cycle can continue as long as it takes until what the calculation amounts to as $90billion of extra money is created on top of the original deposit of $10billion. So out of ever amount of money that is deposited into an account, 9 times that amount can be conjured into existence. Copyright (c) 2010 Jonah Myers About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Psychology Over 30 years, Jaipur Rugs has splendidly offered excellence along with grace and style within its exclusive rugs. Such eco-friendly lifestyle products are mesmerisingly woven by hand and still follow the ancient technique of weaving and hand-knotting. Natural threads like wool, silk, and cotton are prominently used as the .position of their beautifully patterned floor coverings. Such pieces of quality and durable rugs have collected accolades too. Winner of Home Furnishing News (HFN), Award of Excellence, Jaipur Rugs is a well-known rug and carpet brand with the Americans. As I paid a visit to find out more about them, there were some more bright spots revealed about the .pany. Jaipur Rugs is a premier manufacturer and seller of creative rug ideas that are only meant to accentuate the positivity of a space, be it, official, residential or just any other. The collections sport almost every shade and color that really speaks at large of the attraction that they possess. The other popular ones include hand tufted, handloom, sumak and Tibetan as its fashion statements for buyers. These are not just words but pieces of facts that contribute towards Jaipur Rugs a budget-friendly rug brand full with designer inspirations. An expert of hand knotted area rugs, Le Reve, Atlantis and Presidential rug categories are the most celebrated in wool. Talking about the ones in silk, Aurora, Palatine and Blue .prise the aestheism that is voted as best buys. These are supplied to top retailers, private labels and designer houses globally. The most exciting part of Jaipur Rugs is the design and development team consisting of in-house 50 talented designers. They are credited for creating and designing great patterns that cater to all rug demands of buyers such as traditional, antique-like, patchwork, contemporary and modern reflections of art. Having an eye for making the best, Kavita Chaudhary, the design director of Jaipur Rugs said, Buyers actually look for mood-lifting hues and designs teamed with .fort for shopping for that perfect area rug meant for their decors. Fulfilling the same, Jaipur Rugs has undergone a license partnership with Chayse Dacoda, a renowned TV personality and interior designer in the USA. She is famously known for host roles on TV shows like TLC’s While You Were Out and HGTV’s Get It Together. She is responsible for designing rugs at Jaipur Rugs that would totally infuse with newer and innovative cultural passion humored from her extensive cultural expedition around the world. Adding to the same, she was recently in India to meet and know the artisans of Jaipur Rugs who weave such lovely and award winning, patterned rugs for the world. "I am very excited to be partnering with Jaipur, a .pany that has such passion and soul for their craft," Chayse said. "I am also excited to be giving many more people access to the unique types of design that are found across the globe inspired by travel, tradition and people – the colors, the textures, and history in pattern . . . all will be brought to life in a modern way with this collection," said Chayse. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: