Liu Xiaoqing sent Lang Ping surprise two met more than 50 years [Abstract] yesterday (September 12th), a new period of "every day", Chinese women’s volleyball program. Coach Lang Ping with his love, Zhu Ting, together with Hui Ruoqi. Liu Xiaoqing and Lang Ping Shendu, as a surprise guest appearance. Lang Ping and her team of Tencent (the thousand) entertainment news yesterday (September 12th), a new period of "every day", Chinese women’s volleyball program. Coach Lang Ping with his love, Zhu Ting, together with Hui Ruoqi. Liu Xiaoqing and Lang Ping Shendu, as a surprise guest appearance. Liu Xiaoqing revealed that he and Lang Ping have been recognized for 51 years, often meet in private two. In her impression, Lang Ping is the "iron hammer, I would love to see others buckle dead". In addition, Gloria Tang, Phoenix legend, Sha Baoliang also participated in the recording of this episode of the program, in addition to the. Liu Xiaoqing talked about Lang Ping: I like to see her before the death of others to record the program, first of all, the reporter interviewed by Liu Xiaoqing. According to "every day" program group staff introduction, Liu Xiaoqing is the program group dedicated to Lang Ping’s surprise guests, Lang Ping did not know the arrival of Liu Xiaoqing. And Lang Ping talked about personal relationships, Liu Xiaoqing said, "when China women’s volleyball training from Omatsu Hirofumi, I knew her, today specially here for her". Omatsu Hirofumi came to China in 1965 to help train the Chinese women’s volleyball team for a month. At that time, Lang Ping was 5 years old, and Liu Xiaoqing was 10 years old. Two people from childhood to big. Liu Xiaoqing looked at the women’s volleyball training, they often look tired to froth at the mouth, then they took the world champion". Talked about the impression of Lang Ping, Liu Xiaoqing said, "she is iron hammer well, I would love to see others buckle dead". Now Lang Ping’s women’s volleyball team, there is no lack of such a high value of the face of the players like Hui Ruoqi. Turning to the players to enter the entertainment circle, Liu Xiaoqing said, "they are welcome to come over. Is the image of good, clever, regardless of family style. Sports players like fireworks, firecrackers, very beautiful, but it is harmful to life. We must be long." But the upright girl huireqi said, "we are too high"? Lang Ping talk about the selection of women’s volleyball team members: and before the big difference, and now look at the value of Yan program recording, Lang Ping sat on the throne of the Queen appeared on the show, the audience unanimously shouted, Lang Ping, Lang Ping". When it comes to life after winning the Olympic Games, Lang Ping has no time to stay busy to say. "Iron hammer" has always been to show people the image of Lang Ping, broke the news in addition to their own volleyball, little is known about other things. Reporters at the scene is also mentioned as Lang Ping’s long legs, a head to ask, "what is the Victoria’s secret? And before the Phoenix legend, Lang Ping did not know that they are a few men and women". But the players Zhu Ting, Hui Ruoqi’s obviously more familiar, said he usually will pay attention to. "But they are too thin, we more exercise. In front of them, (we) should be a woman man". Asked whether former women’s volleyball team and choose now is different, Lang Ping said with a smile: "Yeah, now look at the color value". In order to communicate with his teammates, Lang Ping will learn some of the exchange of 90 language. Women’s volleyball team is not playing well, playing bad, Lang Ping will say相关的主题文章:

This year, "net red" to play the best is he? Sohu car small partners still remember in June 21st this year, Dongfeng scenery of the listing conference? DFM invited 100 red listed online broadcast, as the first person to eat crabs, but create a great sensation at that time! Because of this conference, as well as the subsequent dissemination of benefits. November 5th, Dongfeng well-off recognized by the authority, won the China Innovation communication award network red marketing gold! So the question is, what is the title of honor? Can you eat? Look, Xiao Bian this will take you a long experience? What is the Chinese innovation communication award? China Innovation communication award, is the highest level in the Chinese communication industry annual event – China Communications leaders forum. As the highest honor of media industry professional award, innovation award by the Chinese China spread communication industry high-end network sharing platform, innovative communication industry chamber of Commerce was founded and organized and value, to find the outstanding innovation dissemination and application case, from a multi dimension case, application and mechanism innovation, show the value of marketing communication, promote the sustainable development of media industry. The gold medal is? The competition is extremely fierce competition, since its inception in June 8, 2016, a total of 91 companies reported a total of 348 entries (case class of the class, non case works of the 40) (308). The final case produced content group, channel group, technology group and regional group gold 22, silver 72 awards, the best non case class 25. Such a great award, why can get off the east wind? Dongfeng scenery to create a new era of red car network broadcast! June 21st, Dongfeng scenery listed. Six home broadcast platform collective recommendation, the total amount of interaction over 5 million 400 thousand Baidu index rose rapidly, since 2000+ soared to 18000+, the growth rate of more than 800%, the major well-known media news release of up to 554 times. This would make headlines are not only difficult to ~ Dongfeng scenery early suction eye, post sales also leverage! Since listing in June 21st, sales of Dongfeng scenery all the way up. August sales will be over 10000, in October and then a new high, sales of up to 14 thousand and 400! Honor is the affirmation of past achievements, the future will continue to exceed. Dongfeng well-off will continue to move forward, continuous innovation, intentions for the majority of customer service!相关的主题文章:

Shandong girl cheated death: university teacher tuition sent condolences of her family. Original title: Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications admission notice: the teacher rushed to Linyi South Post has sent condolences to Xu Yuyu family according to the southern news network news, 24, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications has sent 3 teachers to understand the details of the Xu Yuyu home, and go to school with my sincere condolences. According to the introduction of Xu Yuyu admitted to the South Post, South Post Foreign Language College English majors, originally a small girl after a week on the future of the University report. It is a pity that such an accident happens now. They were the first time after the accident Xu Yuyu received her classmates to school micro-blog, WeChat sent the news. Xu Yuyu’s tuition is 5800 yuan per year, accommodation is about $1000. She cheated 9900 yuan, it is estimated that she kept the cost of living. School, the school issued a notice of admission to the freshmen, will be accompanied by a notice of admission, as well as a CITIC Bank card, but also to remind freshmen to prevent deception. "Because of the new report, more complicated procedures, so like many schools, we advance to each new tuition for a bank card, let the students within the specified time will be drawn into the tuition card directly from the bank." The teacher of the Propaganda Department of the South Post, on the morning of 24, the school principal has instructed the relevant departments as soon as possible, contact the family of Xu Yuyu, expressed concern and sympathy for their school. 24 PM, 3 teachers with South Post condolences to Kim has been sitting on the train to Linyi. For Xu Yuyu’s phone number is how to cheat in the hands of the South post is not clear, they will arrive in Linyi in the evening after the public security departments to understand the details.相关的主题文章:

Maternal high living, dystocia, scientific basis from there? Sohu is a maternal Ronaldinho older pregnant women, more than 30 years old, only the first child, the family are prized, the home of Ronaldinho as key objects of protection. Specially hired a nanny at home care, Ronaldinho, also ease child support at home, what did see some parenting knowledge every day to pass the time delivery. On this day, in the hospital to check, Ronaldinho heavy-hearted asked: "little sister, a few days ago I read a report, the Japanese Public Health Association, the researchers recently found through investigation, living in the maternal abnormal delivery of high-rise residential relatively high proportion. I live on the 12 floor, is not to live high, dystocia probability." I took the Ronaldinho to pass information, writing above: Japanese researchers in 1000 women and register as a basis for the investigation and Analysis on the living status, maternal birth weight and whether the difficult situation, found living in high-rise residential cesarean section, labor etc. abnormal delivery of the relatively high proportion of total maternal 17.5%. And the higher the living, the greater the proportion of maternal dystocia. Living in the 1 ~ 2 for the floor, living in the building of the floor of the 3 ~ 25.2%, for more than the top of the building is 27% to 20% of the total number of people living in the city is more than 6. Even when the baby was born, there is a significant difference in weight, maternal living in 1 ~ 2 floor, the baby was born at a weight of less than the weight of 20.5%, accounting for more than 7 pounds of more than 19.7%. Maternal living in the 3 floor above, the baby birth weight of less than 7 pounds, accounting for more than 7 pounds of more than 21.9% accounted for more than 42.9%. When I finished, he said: "you see, it says, is not to live high, easy childbirth." I said: "in fact, pregnant women dystocia, is due to three reasons, the first is the production of force, that is, pregnant women need to do in the delivery of forced action. The second is the birth canal, is pregnant women in their own conditions, structure and tightness of the birth canal. The third is the fetus, fetal position is appropriate, weight is overweight, etc.. Which one of these problems, are likely to cause childbirth dystocia." "I think the data shows, although easy to live in high-rise pregnant childbirth, but shows a phenomenon that causes high pregnant women dystocia, but the real reason is that these women do not often, you think, live in a high-rise, downstairs is not convenient, pregnant women basically do not go out, the chance of less, the sun is also less sunshine. Due to lack of exercise, it is easy for women to appear in the process of labor productivity is insufficient, including uterine contraction weakness, the mouth of the uterus can not effectively open and fetal decline, so that the process of extension, of course, easy dystocia. Moreover, pregnant women if the lack of exercise, the belly of the fetus is too large, it will increase the risk of dystocia." Listen to me say, Ronaldinho had not lived "see light suddenly, caused by high dystocia, but not caused by the movement." Just as the most popular small China: Senior midwife, Beijing hospital delivery room senior midwife. Engaged in midwifery work for 20 years, safe delivery in more than 20 thousand cases. Welcome。相关的主题文章:

The quiet period before the debut FED hawks gold bearing triple yin Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Huitong news network September 10th – the United States December COMEX gold futures prices on Friday (September 9th) fell $7.10 an ounce, or 0.5%, to close at $1334.50 an ounce, or 0.6% weeks. The price of gold for third consecutive days callback, although the price of gold week still recorded a slight rise, but the longer the weekly on the left. Fed governor Tarullo and the 2016 FOMC ticket commission, Boston Fed President Rosengren issued a positive view of the U.S. economy, and its policy stance slightly hawkish, the correction of the market is expected to support the dollar at the same time, is also a direct pressure on the gold price. (the United States in December COMEX gold futures trading, including electronic time intraday charts; source: Huitong financial) at the same time, the United States COMEX December silver futures prices fell $0.31 an ounce, or 1.6%, to close at $19.368 an ounce, the whole week closed flat. (the United States COMEX December silver futures trading, including electronic time intraday charts; source: Huitong financial) after Thursday because the European Central Bank to take further easing measures that monetary policy easing trend all over the world to suspend the gold price therefore fell under pressure. Today, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and the Federal Reserve monetary policy differences between the precious metals prices is still a key driver. Robert Haworth, senior investment strategist U.S.Bank Wealth Management said it still expects the Fed will raise interest rates in December, so the price of gold will be in the United States, Europe and Japan, rising interest rates lower interest rates under the condition of shock consolidation. The international monetary policy easing is bullish on gold, but tight monetary policy will also cause significant signs of the price of gold under pressure, especially in the case of high dollar. On Friday, 2016, the U.S. Federal Open Market Committee, Boston Fed President Rosengren reiterated his desire to raise interest rates as soon as possible the Fed’s point of view. Therefore, the dollar was supported, at the same time, the price of gold and therefore greatly under pressure, and then continued to shock down. Foreign exchange strategist Ilya Spivak said on Tuesday (September 13th) before the fed into the quiet period, the market is eager to get more signals about future monetary policy from any Fed officials in the mouth, so the market volatility will rise. Recently, officials at the Federal Reserve’s hawkish remarks will undoubtedly boost the dollar weighed on gold. At the same time, Fed chairman Tarullo said in an interview, on the financial risk is not currently in an unusual environment, suggesting that it is more optimistic about the current market environment. But Tarullo also pointed out that the interest rate theory相关的主题文章: