China Merchants Fund preservation corps show an advantage, unit net value of all 1 yuan – fund channel 2016 at the beginning of the year, the market shocks, in such a market trend, investment in order to maintain the first, according to the statistics found that as of 1 flush, June 31, 98 only in the capital Preservation Fund (A B C separate statistics 29), preservation fund net below par value of $1. In the face of fierce market shocks, by virtue of the capital preservation fund field robust standardized operation and sustainable good investment performance, investment fund related stock movements Ying, Allex, Anrun, anda, exit, far Anhong guaranteed all Legion net unit in 1 yuan of above, to ensure the safety of the principal investors. It is understood that the investment fund capital preservation management team has a wealth of fixed income management experience, and achieved outstanding management performance. Among them, China Merchants Fund anda growth rate reached 29.30% in the first period of guaranteed rights unit net, the same ranking 111; Ying capital preservation fund investment growth rate reached 36.50% in the first issue of security net rights unit, the same ranking 916, showing good management strength. But soon after the establishment of the investment environment and investment security Philip far guaranteed fund preservation fund in recent squats in the market, the net value of the fund is always maintained at above par value of $1, reflecting a strong resilience and excellent ability of risk management. As a guaranteed investment funds in the "new generation", the investment environment and investment security guaranteed in Hong long operation period are used to trigger type preservation mechanism of liquidity and safety and investment strategy. This mechanism can not only allow investors to fund the redemption and the redemption fee of zero investment in other varieties, to meet liquidity needs, can also make investors in the risk of damage occurred before the lock in time have profit, so as to ensure security. At the same time, the two capital preservation funds have taken multiple protection measures to further promote the realization of the capital preservation and value-added goals. In addition to product design pays more attention to safety, Taurus fund manager at the helm and fund manager for double super configuration is China Merchants and merchants made an exit from Philip is one of the important reasons of good performance. Sharp and investment bonds Taurus fund manager Wang Jing with both stock investment and investment style, is particularly good at grasp the direction, but also pay attention to control the risk retracement of the fund management, excellent performance.

招商基金保本军团显优势,单位净值全部1元以上-基金频道   2016年伊始,市场震荡,在这样的行情走势下,投资以保本为先,而根据同花顺统计整理发现,截至1月31日,在已有的98只保本基金中(A B C类分开统计),29只保本基金净值跌破1元面值。面对市场的剧烈震荡,凭借保本基金领域的稳健规范化运作和可持续的良好投资业绩,招商 相关公司股票走势 基金安盈、安益、安润、安达、境远、安弘“保本军团”单位净值全部在1元以上,保证了投资者的本金安全。   据了解,招商基金保本管理团队有着丰富的固定收益管理经验并取得了出色的管理业绩。其中,招商安达基金在第一个保本期复权单位净值增长率达到29.30%,同类排名1 11;招商安盈保本基金在第一个保本期复权单位净值增长率达到36.50%,同类排名9 16,显示出不俗的管理实力。而成立不久的招商境远保本基金和招商安弘保本基金在近期的深蹲行情中,基金净值始终保持在1元面值之上,体现出很强的抗跌性和优异的风险管理能力。   作为招商保本基金中的“新生代”,招商境远和招商安弘在保本运作期内均采用了流动性和安全性俱佳的触发式保本机制的投资策略。该机制不仅能让投资者以零赎回费赎回基金并投资其他品种,满足流动性需求,也可以使投资者在受损风险发生前及时锁定既得盈利,从而确保安全性。在有效锁定收益的同时,两只保本基金还采取了多重护本措施,进一步推动保本和增值目标的实现。   除了更加注重安全性的产品设计外,金牛基金经理掌舵和双基金经理制的超强配置也是招商境远和招商安弘取得不俗业绩的重要原因之一。金牛基金经理王景兼具股票投资的犀利和债券投资的稳重,投资风格上尤为擅长把握方向,同时又注重控制回撤风险,所管理的基金业绩表现出色。相关的主题文章: