Chinese couple   NASA70 chained and thrown into prison for fraud; million research funding — Yunnan channel — original title: Chinese couple fraud NASA70 million American chained and thrown into prison research funding Pennsylvania Lehigh University professor of computer engineering of Chinese motor Ding Yujie and his wife Zagreb Toba contracted the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) $700 thousand in funding for the study plan, but let graduate schools and researchers do all the work. Local time on September 28th, a federal judge ruled that Ding Yujie was sentenced to a year in prison for zero or one days and fined 3000 yuan, and the need to pay 72 thousand yuan of fee. While his wife last week has been jailed for three months. According to the United States Chinese network reported on September 29th, a federal judge Bart Wednesday the ruling. The 54 year old Ding Yujie and 42 year old wife Zagreb pillow R & D sensing device "advanced single photon detector NASA in the 2009 proposal for monitoring atmospheric changes. The project after approval by the NASA in 2010, to his own "ArtLight" company allocated 100 thousand yuan, opened the first part of the research. After between 2011 and 2013 of the second part of the research, and once again inject 600 thousand yuan. The proposal said, has a Ph.D. in physics of the Zagreb pillow will guide the research plan, provide technical guidance and supervision in the Lehigh University Laboratory of Ding Yujie’s graduate students. The prosecution pointed out that in fact Zagreb pillow and Ding Yujie made for graduate students and laboratory personnel to do all the research and development, construction work for the NASA sensor and sensor adjustment. At the same time, Mozart and Ding Yujie NASA proposed to support the report, but said the development was in accordance with the original proposal. Lehigh University researchers and graduate students testified that they had never seen the Zagreb pillow. But since Zagreb testified that due to fear of face-to-face contact with people, so she never personally to Ding Yujie’s Laboratory for graduate instruction, she is studying the induction technology at home. In February 2015 two people per capita was charged with ten counts of telecommunications fraud. These charges add up to a maximum of 200 years in prison, a fine of more than 2 million 500 thousand yuan. The defendant’s lawyer after the trial insists that a couple of two people are eyeing the prosecution, because they are Asian, and the work of graduate students is too difficult to independently. On November 20, 2015, the jury found ten counts in six established. Ding Yujie graduated from Jilin University in 1984, and graduated from Purdue University and Johns Hopkins University for master and doctoral degree. He was appointed professor of Changbai Mountain distinguished scholars "and the school alma mater Jilin University. (Zhu Hongxia, Sheng Yu wood: commissioning editor) 华裔夫妇锒铛入狱 因欺诈美国NASA70万研究经费–云南频道–人民网 原标题:华裔夫妇锒铛入狱 因欺诈美国NASA70万研究经费   宾州理海大学华裔电机电脑工程教授丁玉杰和妻子札托瓦承包美国国家航空暨太空总署(NASA)经费70万元的研究计划,却让研究生和学校研究人员做所有研发工作。当地时间9月28日,美国联邦法官裁决丁玉杰被判入狱一年零一日,处罚金3000元,并需偿还7万2000元的研究费用。而他的妻子上周已被判入狱三个月。   据美国中文网9月29日报道,联邦法官巴特星期三做出上述裁决。54岁的丁玉杰和42岁的妻子札托瓦在2009年提案为NASA研发先进的传感装置“single photon detector”,用来监测大气变化。该项目通过审批后,NASA于2010年向他所拥有的“ArtLight”公司拨款10万元,开启第一部分的研发。之后又在2011到2013年之间进行第二部分的研发,并再次注资60万元。   提案表示,有物理博士学位的札托瓦将指导研究计划、提供技术指导和监督在理海大学实验室的丁玉杰旗下研究生。   检方指出,实际上札托瓦和丁玉杰让研究生和实验室人员做了所有研发、建造感应器以及为NASA调整感应器的工作。同时,札托瓦和丁玉杰向NASA提出的报告,却表示研发按照原先的提案进行。   理海大学研究员和研究生则作证表示,他们从未见到过札托瓦。但札托瓦作证说,由于害怕与人面对面接触,因此她未曾亲自至丁玉杰的实验室指导研究生,她是在家里进行该感应技术的研究。   二人于2015年2月每人均被控电讯诈欺等十项罪名。这些罪名加起来最高可判200年监禁、罚款超过250万元。被告律师在之后的庭审中却坚称,夫妇二人之所以被检方盯上,是因为他们都是亚裔,且这项工作对研究生来说太难独立完成。   2015年11月20日,陪审团认定十项罪名中有六项成立。   丁玉杰1984年毕业于吉林大学,并先后自普度大学和约翰霍普金斯大学获得硕士、博士学位。他也被母校吉林大学聘为“长白山学者”和该校特聘教授。 (责编:木胜玉、朱红霞)相关的主题文章: