Choi Jin Sil Dutch act eight years after the death of her daughter: want to be a better mother [Abstract] Choi Jin Sil’s daughter is a misfortune, the future is still expected to have their own family, said: "my mother was a good mother, but I want to be better than the mother’s mother". Television interview to Choi Jin Sil’s daughter and mother of Choi Jin Sil’s daughter wants to be a good mother Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "in the electronic newspaper" reported on October 14th, the show "rose life" (TV movie) South Korean actress Choi Jin Sil died 2008 hanging in the bathroom, she had with her ex husband Zhao Chengmin had a son and a daughter (Cui Huanxi Cui Junxi, 2004), because her husband divorce domestic violence, Korean media recently aired the documentary "Way My" of life, access to Choi Jin Sil’s daughter, she is misfortune, the future is still looking forward to have their own family, said: "my mother was a good mother, but I want to be better than the mother’s mother". 13 days TV Korea broadcast the documentary "life documentary My Way", Choi Jin Sil’s visit to the mother and child, Cui mother said to her daughter, who said not dating Zhao Chengmin, Choi Jin Sil was also obedient one month after Zhao Chengmin calls, Zhao Chengmin did not think that the medicine of suicide protest, "assistant to the phone, the daughter said" not because I made a good baseball player disappeared ", two people will continue to contact". Cui mother said, Choi Jin Sil and her husband is still good at the eldest son Cui Huanxi three years before, but her daughter was born after the split, signed after the divorce agreement, Choi Jin Sil returned home with two children, do not know how many times crying, afraid of not raising children alone, but the next year (2005) through the "rose life" must regain that, Choi Jin Sil is confident of picking up when the mother’s responsibility. And now Cui Junxi grew to be a beautiful girl, she said: "it is difficult to face the camera, the dignified and imposing work in just ways of life", and their own expectations of the future can become a better mother, said: "the children grow up, I don’t think I like sad and painful to raise, not too love, want to give me the child", make people very distressed. Han suicide actress Choi Jin Sil diary exposure son feel mom is still around相关的主题文章: