Chongqing: to draft new regulations about the car driving license and vehicle registration restrictions Hualong network October 9th 13:40 news (reporter Liu Yan) today (9) afternoon, deepening the reform of Chongqing taxi industry related policies to solicit opinions from the public press briefing held. The reporter learned from the meeting, with immediate effect, "the implementation of the views of Chongqing deepen the reform to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry" (Draft), "Chongqing city network booking taxi business service management procedures" (Draft), "Chongqing city standard private minibus carpool travel guidance" (Draft) three documents, publicly solicit public opinion. First, the document issued three documents on the web site in the city government public information network, the Municipal Commission of the portal website on October 9th release. Two, the time for comments. Three documents for a period of 15 days, from October 9, 2016 to October 23, 2016 at the end of 18. Three, feedback approach. Feedback can be suggested in the following three ways. (E) E-mail: the suggestion to send e-mail, e-mail address: zqyj@cqyg. (two) letters: the suggestions sent to Chongqing city Yubei District Dragon Road No. 183, Attn: Chongqing rental; road transport authority; postal code: 401147. And please mark the envelope reform advice suggestions. (three) fax call: send written comments to fax 023-89186552. Welcome people from all walks of life, social organizations, enterprises and institutions to make valuable comments and suggestions. Chongqing city bus specification of small private travel by the guidance (Draft) Hualong news network October 9th in accordance with the "guiding opinions on deepening the reform of the general office of the State Council to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry" (Guo Ban Fa 2016 No. 58) the relevant requirements, and the Ministry of transport and the relevant laws and regulations in order to regulate the private, non-profit minibus carpool (hereinafter referred to as the "carpool") travel behavior, clarify the boundaries of illegal trading behavior and private minibus carpool, to protect the people safe and convenient travel, put forward the following opinions. A small, private bus ride, also known as carpool, ride, ride travel information from the service provider prior to the release, a carpool service provider of small passenger cars, sharing part of the travel cost or free mutual sharing of travel mode choice of people with the same travel routes. The guidance of the main norms of the adoption of the Internet by the implementation of private passenger cars. Two, the private passenger car by all parties including the hop information service platform (hereinafter referred to as the ride platform), the combination of travel providers and carpool. Hop platform is to rely on the Internet technology to build a service platform, the integration of supply and demand information, to provide private bus passenger service enterprise legal person. Three, carpool carpool platform providers through carpool, should comply with the following provisions: (a) in the carpool platform for the real name registration, and provide the carpool vehicle license plate, car;相关的主题文章: