City real estate registration and trading center push convenient measure double shifts of Fuzhou news network November 15th news (Fuzhou Daily reporter Qi Zhenghuawen photo) "the masses are thinking, anxious masses, solution of the difficulties of the masses", this sentence is the Fuzhou City real estate registration and trading in a true portrayal of the heart personnel. Recently, the center has launched a number of efficient convenience measures. More than 7 in the morning, there are people to pick up the number of queuing; noon and evening work quickly, and the masses did not go through formalities…… With the recent Fuzhou real estate registration and trading center business blowout, the center in the public service center and the center of the two management points are extremely busy. The center have been taken in advance, made to open the window, delayed work and reduce the window contents and other initiatives, but there is no immediate. So immediately research, found that the most handled is Yishoufang, second-hand housing related business. Don’t let the masses wait! The center on October 17th in a commercial housing permit, second-hand housing transactions transfer collection window, launched the "double shift" does not limit the number of uninterrupted service delay, super normal operation: from 8:30 to 21:00, continue to arrange 12 windows at the same time accepting business; in the 12:00~14:30 and 18:00~21:00 of two non normal work time is still keep 6 window delay service, and to adhere to all the people, for the finishing operations. After the implementation of the "two shifts" system, the effect is obvious, and the phenomenon of early queues in the early Qing Dynasty basically disappeared. However, the window is not limited all day, whether the window can hold? "At most in late October, sooner or later, the window opens to 18."." City real estate registration and transaction registration trading center director Xu Lurong said, the center staff work at seven or eight every evening is normal, the implementation of "two classes" in the center of the delayed Services Department, Business Hours for 13 hours, even for a few days to 23 before finishing business. "We asked all the cadres to put in the first line of work, and everybody was tired, but they stood up." Deng Shiqing, member of the Party committee and deputy director of the municipal real estate registration and trading center, said. Since September 25th, Fuzhou formally implemented the unified registration of real estate, the integration of real estate registration and real estate transactions, the city’s real estate registration and trading system construction work in the forefront of the country. Next, the center will promote online work projects, with 2 years ~3 time to gradually achieve full coverage online work, when the masses stay home, you can apply for all types of real estate registration and housing transactions business.

市不动产登记和交易中心推便民举措 实行两班制   福州新闻网11月15日讯(福州日报记者 祁正华 文 摄)“想群众之所想、急群众之所急、解群众之所难”,这句话就是福州市不动产登记和交易中心全体工作人员的真实写照。近日,该中心又推出多条高效的便民措施。   早晨7点多就有群众来取号排队;中午和傍晚快下班了,还有群众没办完手续……随着近期福州市不动产登记和交易中心业务井喷,该中心驻市民服务中心和中心本部两个办理点异常繁忙。中心相继采取了提前发号、增开窗口、推迟下班、减少窗口工作内容等举措,但没有立竿见影。于是立即调研,发现办理最多的是一手房、二手房相关业务。   不要让群众多等!中心于10月17日在本部一手商品房办证、二手房交易过户收件窗口,推出“两班制”不限号不间断延时服务,超常规运作:从8:30到21:00,持续安排12个窗口同时受理业务;在12:00~14:30和18:00~21:00两个非正常上班时间段仍保留6个窗口进行延时服务,并坚持为取到号的所有群众办完业务。   实行“两班制”后,效果很明显,大清早排长队的现象基本消失。   不过,全天不限号,窗口能否顶得住?“10月下旬最多时,早晚班窗口开到18个。”市不动产登记和交易中心交易登记处处长许鲁荣说,原来中心工作人员每天晚上七八点下班是正常的,在中心本部实行“两班制”延时服务后,服务时间长达13个小时,有几天甚至到23时才办完业务。“我们要求所有干部投入一线工作,大家都很累,但顶住了。”市不动产登记和交易中心党组成员、副主任邓世清说。   自9月25日起,福州正式实施不动产统一登记工作,对不动产登记和房产交易进行整合,我市的不动产登记和交易系统建设工作走在全国前列。下一步,中心将推进网上办事项目,用2年~3年时间逐步实现网上办事全覆盖,届时群众足不出户,就可申请办理各类不动产登记和房屋交易业务。相关的主题文章: