Debug air conditioning ready for winter? Lack of air conditioning heating should be vigilant imperceptibly into the late autumn, autumn soon passed, winter be far away? I came home wearing a nightgown can’t resist the cold chill. So, before winter buddies must have checked the air conditioning, to see whether the normal operation. However, some friends Tucao said, home air-conditioning has been heating is not strong enough, this is exactly why, today, the editor will give you a simple explanation, appeared in the winter use of household air conditioner heating reason was not strong. First, the improper use of air conditioning in the long term after the filter is not timely cleaning and internal air flow caused by blockage, to some extent, will affect the heating effect of air-conditioning. The evaporator and the condenser dirt is too thick, will also reduce the effect of heat transfer, resulting in a decline in heating capacity, power consumption increases; the heating temperature is set too low. While the air conditioning room door, the hole in the wall is not blocked, or open windows frequently caused by indoor heat loss will be inadvertently cause air conditioning heating is not strong. Two, environmental factors of the air conditioner heat pump, heat pump consists of auxiliary electric heating type and electric type of three kinds of products, in the heat capacity equal conditions, the first two power consumption than third about half, considering the power supply capacity and electricity costs, the family is now generally choose two types of air conditioning (but should pay attention to their the conditions of use, the two is only applicable to 5 DEG environment, obviously does not apply to the north area). Heat pump type air conditioner, heating temperature is too low, air conditioning energy efficiency is also reduced, in the cold winter heating effect is not ideal, this is a normal phenomenon. The automatic removal of heat pump type air conditioner defrosting, it uses the minimum ambient temperature is 5 degrees below zero, the temperature is not hot or the effect is very poor, this is because the external heat exchanger frost blocked the flow of air inhaled from the outside heat does not cause; for automatic removal heat pump type air conditioner defrosting, it uses the minimum ambient temperature is -5 DEG C, below this temperature can effectively heat. Three, refrigeration cycle system, control system failure 1 refrigerant shortage. The refrigerant leaks or is insufficient cause, simply for self testing to identify whether the leakage of fluorine. 2 four valve leakage. Heat pump type air conditioning through four way valve to switch the cooling and heating state. If the four valves are part of the leakage, should participate in the refrigerant heat exchange in four valve directly by the compressor outlet pipe to return back to the trachea, leading to the decrease in the refrigerant heat exchange, the heat exchange efficiency decreased, resulting in insufficient heat system. 3 check valve (also known as check valve) leakage. When the one-way valve leakage, the cooling system of high and low pressure drop, the temperature of the outdoor heat exchanger, the heat obtained from the outside world to reduce, resulting in insufficient heat. When the air conditioner is normal, the heat is not enough, the pressure of the system will be increased, and the high and low pressure drop will be found. 4 defrost controller failure. The evaporator of heat pump type air conditioner in the heating state in the outdoor unit, the heat pump defrosting defrosting device adopts hot air conditioning, if defrosting controller failure, so that air conditioning can not turn into a timely.相关的主题文章: