Outsourcing Digiscript Philippines, Inc. offers High Definition Surveying in its Point Cloud Conversion services which make up one of its four main services. The other three are Building Information Modeling or BIM, 2D CAD Production Support and 3D Visualization. Digiscript Philippines, Inc. uses advanced digital technology including the Leica Scanstation of Leica Geosystems for High Definition Surveying, Leica Geosystems Point Cloud, Cloudworx and Cyclone applications, and the Autodesk software suite, which includes Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, 3DSMax and AutoCAD. High Definition Surveying is the new technology for surveying or collecting precise, detailed and .plete as-built data by simply sweeping a thin laser beam across any target object. In the process, hundreds of thousands of minute measurements are made and stored quickly. Upon displaying these measurements through a .puter, a three dimensional model appears which can be navigated. High Definition Surveying is less expensive than traditional survey methods, gives quicker and more accurate results and keeps field surveyors safe. With High Definition Surveying, surveyors can make very exact measurements for difficult sites and .plicated situations previously not measurable using traditional survey methods. When doing High Definition Surveying, surveyors can remain unobtrusive even in hostile areas. The resulting digital images are amazingly photograph-like in their high level of detail and crispness. Using the results of High Definition Surveying, professionals can be much more confident that they have the correct and .prehensive picture they need for their project. The risk of having errors stemming from inaccurate survey results is drastically minimized. The possibility of having to redo the survey is also almost nil. It is useful to CAD professionals, architects, civil engineers, plant designers, contractors, archaeologists and forensic investigators. Among its many uses are for site and engineering surveys; topographic and detail surveys; conceptual design and interference checking; architectural preservation and replication; profiles, volumes, and area calculations; fabrication and construction inspection; as-builts for retrofits and remodeling; manufacturing and reverse engineering; historical and legal archiving; asset management; archaeological documentation and crime and accident investigation. Digiscript Philippines, Inc. also offers Building Information Modeling or BIM, 2D CAD Production Support and 3D Visualization in addition to Point Cloud Conversion which includes High Definition Surveying. In its Building Information Modeling or BIM services, Digiscript Philippines, Inc. is able to create detailed virtual information models or detailed .puter visualizations of a structure throughout its whole building process, including the properties and quantities of all the building .ponents used, their spatial relationships and geometry, and all relevant geographic information. The detailed virtual information models are used by the design team, contractors, and building owners to exchange information, detect and correct conflicts or clashes in design elements, and facilitate collaboration. In its 2D CAD Production Support services, DigiScript Philippines, Inc. is able to do encoding or generation. Encoding involves the conversion of scanned drawings, images, sketches, red marks and as-builts from the client into CAD or Revit files. Generation involves the development of design specifications and preliminary drawings from the client into .plete Design Development and Construction Documents in CAD or Revit files. In its 3D visualization services called ArchiVision, DigiScript Philippines, Inc. is able to create three dimensional imaging translated from design ideas provided by the client. The final product may include photorealistic renderings, photomontages, site animations, site integrations, site overlays, animated presentations, animated walkthroughs and fly-bys of cinematic quality, rotations and high quality audio visual presentations. Digiscript Philippines, Inc. is .mitted to meeting all outsourcing needs for architectural and engineering CAD, 3D imaging and 3D animation, not limited to High Definition Surveying. With technical expertise, excellent service and synergized work processes designed for the clients full satisfaction, you will find no better partner for the growth of your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: