Do Liaoning Beijing Liao Zu Ling inscription — the Inner Mongolia channel, Liaoning Beijing Imperial relics energy-saving site. Liaoning Beijing Imperial West hillside temple ruins. Liaoning Beijing unearthed ruins of a building block column base. Liao Shangjing palace gate excavation site. Li Qian photo Beijing Liao site protection of the western slopes of backfill. Ancestral stone house. Li Qian photo Zuling trees on the hills half wing half dead. Li Qian photo Zuling Palace on the south side of the stone statue mound seal. Liao Dynasty monument. Li Qian photo Zuling East building base base mountain panorama. Liaoshang Beijing site aerial map. Liaoning Beijing archaeological sites of clay figurines. At the end of the Tang Dynasty, the Khitan in the rise of the northern grassland China. In 907 ad, the Khitan people Yelv abaoji Khan said, "the country", was built in 916 years reign. 918 years, the capital linhuang prefecture (now Chifeng City Dong Zhen Bahrain banner). Later changed the name as "Liao", 1125 was destroyed by jin. In the history of the Liao Dynasty more than 200 years, the nomadic culture and farming culture together organically, influence each other, complement each other, forming a diversified and unique culture of Liao Dynasty, created a splendid civilization. Now, in the banner of Bahrain, there are more than and 700 cultural relics of Liao Khitan Liao Dynasty, which are the ancestral site in November 17, 2012 and included in the "China World Heritage tentative list application", Beijing Liao site in December 17, 2013 to enter the "National Archaeological Park called single stand". In the banner of Bahrain, Liaoning Beijing and Liaozu Ling in ruins, there are two main parts, one is to explore, "to explore in order to better protect the site, but also to provide academic support to the inscription; two is the inscription," the inscription inscription is not only, but a long-term goal has comprehensive benefits". Fine excavation, clear layout and the historical evolution of the Liaoning Beijing Liaoning Beijing is the capital of the Liao Dynasty, founded in the year 918 ad. Later Jin used this city, which lasted for about 300 years, to the Late Jin abandoned. In 1961, the State Council announced Beijing Liao site as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Beijing Liao site plane slightly "day". The total area of about 5 square kilometers, consisting of northern and southern Seoul the two part, the well preserved imperial. Before 2010, the Liaoning Beijing archaeological work is very weak, only stay in the archaeological drilling and trial excavation degree. In view of the importance of the capital city, in order to better promote the effective protection of the Beijing Liao site, and to provide academic support to Beijing Liao site inscription, 2011, in support of National Cultural Relics Bureau of the relevant leaders and experts, China Institute of Archaeology of Inner Mongolia two and Inner Mongolia archaeological research Institute jointly established the Liao Beijing joint archaeological team. In 2011, Liaoning Beijing archaeological team of the Imperial City, Liaoning Beijing Simon energy-saving site for excavation; on 2012, Liaoning Beijing Imperial western slopes were excavated ruins, confirmed the architectural properties of the Buddhist temple, "Moon Palace" that corrected; on 2013, Liaoning Beijing Huang)相关的主题文章: