Double Ninth   Guangzhou add a number of temporary bus lanes — Guangdong channel — original title: spike to add a number of temporary bus lanes tomorrow (October 9th, the 9th day of the ninth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) is a traditional Chinese festival festival. Tonight, Guangzhou is expected to have a large number of people went to the Baiyun Mountain, including the city’s 17 point climb climb blessing. The author was informed on the 7, Guangzhou city transportation department will open this evening, a temporary bus line 8, while in the evening of October 9th opened a temporary bus line 6. If people want to climb, suggest choose the nearest crowd relatively less crowded place in the mountain climbing, to avoid the peak flow (the night of October 8th, on the morning of 9 high). Especially the elderly, children and the infirm, the recommendation to avoid in 8 days, 9 days of climbing. Guangzhou City Department of culture will be held in 15 venues tonight, while organizing public cultural activities such as film screenings and entertainment, the public can participate in the vicinity of the actual situation. The Baiyun Mountain and the surrounding public parking space is limited in Maofengshan, climbing to the activities of the people try to take public transportation. Guangzhou City Department of transportation will be opened 8 temporary bus lanes on tonight, also opened 6 temporary bus lanes on the night of October 9th, Gairo Han Chong Wai, Dongpu Guangzhou new town market, a number of passenger traffic on the point. Among them, the 8 temporary bus line tonight will be open to the next day 02:00 the next morning, and at the same time to do the next morning after 02:00 passenger traffic to continue to prepare. To facilitate the flow of people, security, regional bus will use the Yuntai garden front under the passenger’s measures, set 3 temporary passengers in Guangyuan Road and Heng Zhi Gang Lu, from 18:00 tonight, arrange all into the bus terminus Yuntai garden under the passenger in advance temporary passengers, empty into the Pan Garden terminus. At the same time, set 3 temporary taxi passengers, were transferred to Yuntai garden Guangyuan Road westbound about 200 meters position, Heng Zhi Gang Road from the north to south direction about 50 meters position, Baiyun Mountain Simon (College of foreign languages at Baiyun Avenue). In addition, a temporary cancellation and adjustment of the bus station and Baiyun cableway Yuntai garden station two bus station, convenient public bus and taxi vehicles. (Chang Tao Li Sui Fu letter) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章: