Web-Design A website is an important part of every online business. Website design is not just coding HTML or putting content on pre-made templates. A good website design is complete when it includes all the elements which are enough to give the visitors a pleasant experience. A website makes a visitor trust your products and services. With this article, I will help you learn seven important elements of website design. These elements will help you rank well in the search engines so that your visitors can be converted into your customers. 1. Clear purpose: The purpose of your business must be clear within the first seconds of your visitors landing on the page. It should be designed so that a customer follows your course of action. After this, you must guide him thoroughly through your useful content. 2. Clear Customer Benefit: Your website should be all about influencing the visitors to believe that they will be benefitted with your products and services. You need to prove that your products are better, cheaper and last longing. You must highlight the specialty of your materials and techniques. Some ideas in this regard can be putting pictures, providing feedback or case studies are helping visitors answering their queries. 3. Reader Friendliness Online: The pages should be friendly for the reader to go through. Never stuff your landing pages with too much content or the pictures. The home page should have short and crisp information about your services and how it will prove advantageous for visitors. If you want to give detailed information, direct the visitors to other pages. 4. Language: Your language should act as a bridge between you and the reader. A visitor must feel that instead of reading something online, he is talking to an individual or some representatives of the company. If you have one man business, do not hesitate to use I as it will create a better connection with the reader. 5. Reflect professionalism: In small business website design , it must be kept in mind that the design of the pages should be professional. Just to make them attractive do not use different colors and fonts. Just keep it simple and straight. Use dark text on light background. Generally, two columns are used to place the content and other small information is placed in the sidebars. At this place, you can put contact options, sales offers, news and other information regarding upcoming events. 6. Search engine optimized: Every website is a failure if it could not show itself in search pages. Therefore, approach a good small business website design company to ensure that they do proper research on your keywords and use them at appropriate places. Each page should be designed to invite its own traffic. 7. Clear call to action: Once a visitor navigate through your pages and makes his mind to use your products and services, he should be directed towards a call to action. There should not be any distractions. You must put phrases link like call me now, talk to us online, add to cart, etc. With these links, he will be bound to take action immediately. Among the various website design companies, About the Author: 相关的主题文章: