The female teacher mistakenly stepped on the accelerator to drive down the campus because of three students in Shantou Information Times News (reporter Lin Mingsheng Lin Hong) reporter yesterday received friends broke the news said the occurrence of a traffic accident on the morning of the second middle school of Jieyang City Campus: a driving car female teacher stepped on the accelerator by mistake, 3 female students accidentally knocked down by the injured. Reporters immediately to the Jieyang Municipal Bureau of education to verify that the school has a teacher in the campus due to improper parking knocked down 3 students, at present, 3 injured students are still in Jieyang people’s Hospital for treatment, no life-threatening. It is understood that at that time just when the school sports free activities, there are some students in front of the school building 12 iron railings next to the road. At this point, the school has a female teacher driving a small black car parking. An insider said, "when the teacher stepped on the brakes, the result stepped on the accelerator."." As a result, hit 3 girls walking together side by side. The school immediately sent the wounded to Jieyang people’s Hospital for treatment, including one brain injury, there is no danger of life. Yesterday afternoon, Jieyang Education Bureau informed that the incident occurred at 9:15 on September 23rd, when the woman was about to stop because of improper operation, three students were injured. Informed that after the accident, the school immediately call 120, the injured students sent to the city people’s Hospital for treatment. Confirmed by the hospital examination, three students are not life-threatening, is now undergoing comprehensive examination and treatment in the hospital. At present, all aspects of the school are normal.

女老师校园内因误踩油门 开车撞倒三名学生   信息时报汕头讯(记者 林明声 林鸿)昨天记者接到网友爆料,称当天上午揭阳市第二中学校园内发生一宗交通事故:一名驾驶小轿车的女老师因误踩油门,不慎撞倒3名女学生致其受伤倒地。记者随即向揭阳市教育局求证获悉,该校确有老师在校园内因停车不当撞倒3名学生,目前,3名受伤学生仍在揭阳人民医院接受医治,均无生命危险。   据了解,当时恰好是学校体育课自由活动期间,有部分学生在12号楼前校道铁栏杆旁。此时,该校有一位女教师驾驶一辆黑色小型汽车靠边停车。一名知情人透露,“当时老师踩刹车,结果踩了油门。”结果,撞上3名课间并排走路的女生。校方立即将伤员送往揭阳市人民医院救治,其中一人脑部受伤,目前暂无生命危险。   昨天下午,揭阳市教育局通报证实,事发9月23日9时15分,当时正要停车的女教师因操作不当,撞伤了三名学生。通报称,事故发生后,学校立即拨打120,把受伤学生送到市人民医院救治。经医院检查确诊,三位学生均无生命危险,现正在医院接受全面检查和治疗。   目前,涉事学校各方面秩序均正常。相关的主题文章: