Success Discipline and Focus Are Critical Success Factors of Financial Freedom Focus and discipline are important characteristics to have to attain your desired goals and dreams as you learn how to be.e rich. Most of us do not like the concept of discipline when it .es to financial freedom because it brings up thoughts of sacrifice, difficulty and strain. But discipline needs not be hard. The challenge happens when you try to go from having zero self-discipline to forcing yourself to take on a huge amount of responsibility. It’s not necessary to cause unnecessary pressure on yourself as you learn the many critical success factors on how to be.e rich. How to Be.e Rich and Create Financial Freedom Through Discipline and Focus. 1. Improve your attitude about focus and discipline. One reason you may not be effectively disciplined about learning how to be.e rich is because you feel the tasks you need to do will be unpleasant in some way. When we think like that we often put the tasks aside start to procrastinate. Procrastination has no place in creating financial freedom. You must have a do it now attitude. It would be much smarter to work to get a positive attitude, get motivated, and get into massive action as quickly as possible! You should look forward to challenges and keep reminding yourself how great you will feel when you’ve finished the task that you know will lead to financial freedom. Here’s a critical success factor: If you focus on the feeling of ac.plishment you get with .pleting your tasks, you’ll be much more persistent in sticking to your goals on how to be.e rich and achieve financial freedom. 2. Make focus and discipline a slow-building process. Be careful about getting overly enthusiastic about learning how to be.e rich. Although there are exceptions, most people should not attempt to .plete too much too fast during the first week or two. You will usually get better results if you are slow and steady when you get started and then slowly and consistently build speed and momentum. Financial freedom doesn’t happen overnight. You should focus on one small task on the concept of learning how to be.e rich, and then use that task as practice. Make it something simple and very easy to ac.plish. Then, you must make sure you get it done. If you have to, post reminder notes everywhere or even put an elastic band around your wrist as a reminder. Always attempt to .plete this one task first thing in the morning before you do anything else. Make it is your highest priority and it will usually be.e a habit in 21-30 days. Then, you can add additional tasks, or start to .plete bigger projects, or increase the frequency of the original task. Just keep increasing it in small increments and eventually you’ll be doing the things you set out to do with a new feeling of ac.plishment. 3. .mitment. If you’re fully .mitted to achieving your dreams on learning how to be.e rich, and consistent in your actions, you’ll have a easier time pushing yourself to work on them. Make a promise to yourself that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your financial freedom goals and work on them every single day. Make a list of important action steps and make it your mission to do one or more of them each day. Re- .mit yourself as often as necessary to make sure you stick to your action plan. Continue to Uncover More and More Critical Success Factors of Achieving Financial Freedom Focus and discipline are two critical success factors that cannot be ignored. When you add them together with effective time management and consistent action you will surely experience substantial achievements. Learning how to be.e rich requires persistence and a .mitment to learning new critical success factors on a ongoing basis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: