Flush: prev test support near 2850 – Sohu securities on Thursday morning the two cities show down pattern, although on the surface of iron and steel, coal, nonferrous metals, brokerage and other weight plate turns upside, but the hot wheels too fast and sustainability is not strong, the market did not form a significant market led the main show. The main funding differences, difficult to form a joint force to effectively promote the market upward, is expected to increase the short-term market outlook shock probability. Hot plate: related stock movements in the background of the price of titanium dioxide, titanium dioxide plate today once again a strong performance led billions sector stocks; China would support the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the overall strength of stocks, Tongji Science and technology, Chengzhigufen, Insigma, Fudan Fuhua etc. the early impact of steel export trading; the amount of steady growth, while benefiting from the supply side reforms, steel plate strong performance today, Sha Steel shares first sealed limit, Daye special steel, Shougang shares in early trading limit the impact. In addition, brokers, coal and other sectors are also relatively strong performance. News aspect: 1, China’s CPI in January, 1.8%, 1.9%, 1.6%. China January PPI year-on-year -5.3%, expected -5.4%, the former value of -5.9%. Bureau of Statistics said that in January CPI rose, there are three main reasons: one is the strong cold weather affected the production and transportation of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, the Spring Festival approaching, the market demand increases, pork prices rose, the total three CPI rose 0.32 percentage points; two is the winter, during the Spring Festival travel the increase in the number of tourist traffic, and prices rose significantly; the three is the Spring Festival approaching, the increase of demand for services. 2, the United States formally launched negotiations on the deployment of the German system in korea. An official of the US Department of Defense said on 17 May that the United States and South Korea have formally launched consultations on the deployment of the Anti Ballistic Missile System (the terminal high altitude zone defense system) in Korea, and there is no timetable for the end of consultations. 3, two financial balance continued to increase three days. As of February 17th, the balance of margin of two cities in Shanghai and Shenzhen was 882 billion 538 million yuan, up 1 billion 499 million yuan compared with the previous trading day, three consecutive days, a new high since February 5th. Among them, the Shanghai stock market two financial balance of 520 billion 436 million yuan, an increase of 675 million yuan; Shenzhen margin margin of 362 billion 102 million yuan, an increase of 824 million yuan. Overall strategy: after the festival market funds loose boost the market upward, and "two sessions" held favorable for intermediate rebound market expansion. However, as the stock index crossed the "baby bottom" area of 2850 points, the pressure near the 3000 point above the Shanghai stock index is still large, while the volume is the key factor determining how far the A rally can go. In the process of market shocks, for investors, need to pay attention to the change and market turnover to move round while participating in a rebound, to buy low sell high. Source China Securities Network

同花顺:沪指盘中考验2850附近支撑-搜狐证券   周四早盘两市呈现出冲高回落格局,虽然盘面上券商、钢铁、煤炭、有色等权重板块轮番上攻,但热点轮动过快且可持续性并不强,市场并没有形成明显的领涨主线,显示出市场多方主力资金分歧较大,较难形成合力有效地推动市场上行,预计短期后市震荡概率加大。  热点板块: 相关公司股票走势   在钛白粉涨价的大背景下,钛白粉板块今日再度表现强势,佰利联领涨板块个股;国常会支持科技成果转化,高校概念股整体走强,同济科技、诚志股份、浙大网新、复旦复华等早盘冲击涨停;钢铁出口额稳定增长,同时受益于供给侧改革,钢铁板块今日表现强势,沙钢股份率先封死涨停,大冶特钢、首钢股份早盘均冲击涨停。另外券商、煤炭等板块也表现较为强势。  消息面上:  1、中国1月CPI同比1.8%,预期1.9%,前值1.6%。中国1月PPI同比-5.3%,预期-5.4%,前值-5.9%。统计局表示,1月份CPI上涨较多,主要原因有三个方面:一是强寒潮天气影响了鲜菜、鲜果的生产和运输,春节临近,市场需求增加,猪肉价格环比上涨,上述三项合计影响CPI环比上涨0.32个百分点;二是寒假、春运期间出行人数增加,交通和旅游价格上涨明显;三是临近春节,居民对服务的需求增加。  2、美方称正式启动在韩部署萨德系统磋商。美国国防部一名官员17日表示,美国与韩国已正式启动有关在韩部署“萨德”反导系统(末段高空区域防御系统)的磋商,目前还没有关于磋商何时结束的时间表。  3、两融余额连增三日。截至2月17日,沪深两市融资融券余额为8825.38亿元,较前一交易日上升14.99亿元,连增三日,创2月5日以来新高。其中,沪市两融余额5204.36亿元,增加6.75亿元;深市融资融券余额3621.02亿元,增加8.24亿元。  总体策略:  节后市场资金面的宽松助推市场上行,且“两会”召开利好有利于中级反弹行情的展开。不过随着股指越过了2850点的“婴儿底”区域,沪指上方3000点附近压力仍然较大,而成交量则是决定A股此轮反弹行情能走多远的关键因素。在市场震荡上行过程中,对于投资者而言,需在参与反弹的同时注意市场成交量的变化及板块的轮动,做好高抛低吸。来源中国证券网)相关的主题文章: