From the "super girl" star to the Changzhou bar singer because love music often report all media news with crowds of people in the canal No. five night. Unlike other noisy bars, canal five is quieter than the 901 bar inside. Ni Danjie liked the feeling on the stage, allowing him to unload the pressure, enjoy the music, recall the story of the music and bring the moved. After half past nine in the evening, Liu Sa, the resident singer of the bar, began to play and sing. Pu Shu’s "life like summer flowers" sounded, and more literary and artistic circles were added here. On the side sofa of the bar, there is usually a long haired girl sitting there quietly. Listen, she’ll go up on the stage, or sing alone, or sing with Liu sa. Music sounded, Ni Danjie gently opened, a "those years", sound soft and beautiful, affectionate leisurely. The girl has two names, now the name is Ni Hanze, the original name is Ni Danjie. The person who likes to see "super girl" may remember her, she and Hong Chen participated in "super girl" in the same year, and it was the first player in the country to get "pass". Later, all the way to Changsha District top 6, the country’s top 30. 5 years later, when the "super girl" reds, now become a singer in Changzhou bar. Now, Ni Danjie still retains the music she used to score and sing her favorite. Half a year ago, Ni Danjie said goodbye to North drift of life, follow her boyfriend came to Changzhou, and sang in her boyfriend’s bar. In Changzhou for a long time, for the bar guests sang hundreds of songs, but the audience must not have thought, the singing girl had boarded such a large stage. Referring to the "stage" two words, Ni Danjie said, that is the beginning of their own choice to be the singer’s initial motivation. In 2011, Ni Danjie graduated that year, went to Beijing Haidie record company internship positions is a brokerage assistant, often run around with artists. "Once, I helped an artist with a cup of water, watching the artist from the back to the glorious stage, the heart was shocked.". I think I need that stage too." She did not want big stage music foundation, after the start of each day in the rental qinxuekulian. Through the talent show such a game to verify their efforts for so many years to pay. One day, she saw the "super girl" ad in the media, and went to attend it without hesitation. At that time, she asked the company for 3 days off, and took the train to Changsha for the tryout. I wanted to try it. I didn’t think about that day in Changsha. I was the first player in the country to get a pass card." When she has the most impressive, compared to the match, is already at night, the reporter dialed the phone to her parents, unaware of the parents on the phone the other end with happiness. After that, Ni Danjie sang to the top 6 in the Changsha division, the top 30 in the country. Although she didn’t get the top position, she was sought after by the big music companies. "I haven’t been home yet. There’s a company that wants to sign me. I think I signed up and became an entertainer." Ni Danjie said that he thought too simple, the frequent then commercial speech let her little time go to improve their music. "Super girl" heat slowly cool down, her life began to return to flat"

从“超女”明星到常州的酒吧歌手 只因喜欢音乐 常报全媒体讯 华灯初上,运河五号的夜幕下人影攒动。和其他有些喧嚣的酒吧不同,运河五号靠里面的901酒吧多了些安静。倪丹洁喜欢台上感觉,能让他卸掉压力,享受音乐,回味音乐中的故事和带来的感动。晚上九点半以后,酒吧的驻场歌手刘萨开始边弹边唱,朴树的《生如夏花》响起,更为这里增加了些许文艺范。酒吧里侧沙发上,一般都会有一位长发女孩静静地坐在那里。听着听着,她会直接走上舞台,或自己单唱,或和刘萨合唱。音乐响起,倪丹洁轻轻开了口,一首《那些年》,声音柔美动听,深情款款。女孩有两个名字,现在的名字叫倪菡泽,原来的名字叫倪丹洁。喜欢看“超女”的人可能会记得她,她曾和洪辰同年参加“超女”,而且是当年全国第一位拿到“pass”的选手。后来,一路杀入长沙区6强,全国30强。5年过去,当年的“超女”红人,如今变成了常州酒吧的一名歌手。如今倪丹洁还保留着她曾经乐谱,唱她喜欢的音乐。半年前,倪丹洁告别“北漂”生活,追随男友来到常州,并在男友的酒吧里唱歌。在常州这么长时间,为酒吧客人唱了上百首歌曲,但听众肯定想不到,那名唱歌的女孩竟曾登上过那么大的舞台。提到“舞台”两个字,倪丹洁说,那是自己出发选择做歌手的最初动力。2011年,倪丹洁毕业那年,曾到北京海蝶唱片公司实习,岗位是经纪助理,经常跟着艺人跑动跑西。“有一次,我帮一位艺人拿水杯,看着艺人从后台走向光彩亮丽的大舞台,内心一下被震撼到了。我想,我也需要那样的舞台。”渴望大舞台的她并没有音乐基础,之后开始每天在出租屋内勤学苦练。在通过选秀节目这样的比赛验证一下自己这么多年的努力付出。有一天,她在媒体上看到“超女”的海选广告,便义无反顾地去参加了。当时,她向公司请了3天假,乘火车到长沙参加选拔赛。“本想就是去试试的,没成想那一天在长沙赛区,排到最后几位表演的我竟成为全国首位拿到pass卡的选手。”她至今印象最深的时候,比完赛,已是深夜凌晨,记者让她拨通父母的电话,毫不知情的父母在电话另外一头喜极而泣。之后,倪丹洁一路唱到长沙赛区前6名,全国前30名。尽管没有拿到最靠前的名次,但外形出色的她还是受到各大音乐公司的追捧。“我还没回过神呢,就有公司要签我。我觉得签约了,就成为一名艺人了。”倪丹洁说,当时自己想得太简单,频繁第接商演走穴让她少有时间提高自己的音乐。“超女”热慢慢冷下来,她的生活也开始回到平静。“演出少了,我开始找专业老师学音乐。但是,在北京学习的费用很高。这时,父母不建议我走音乐这条路了,但我还是坚持。”倪丹洁说,低潮期,她最惨的时候花光了积蓄,还向父母要了800多块钱。长沙赛区倪丹洁竟成为全国首位拿到pass卡的选手。2015年,心情低落的倪丹洁遇到了现在的男友。“我们交流越来越多,我也开始明白:其他都是虚幻,生活才是最大的舞台。”和男友来到常州后,倪丹洁爱上了常州,爱上了这种毫无压力的生活状态。“用歌声表达对生活的态度,在这里,想唱就唱,这才是最浪漫的事情!”相关的主题文章: