German intelligence: Herta League 2 victorious war the main avant-garde comeback Sunday 034             Germany; Berlin Mainz Herta VS       2016-11-28 00:30         the status of home court combat team Berlin Herta in Saturday’s Bundesliga away than 0 0 draw with Augsburg team in the League for two victorious. The two teams in the opening were based on the defense and did not get what chance, Herta Berlin team in the second half, gradually strengthen the attack but failed to break the opponent’s tenacious defense, eventually away 0 to 0 draw with rivals, after the Berlin team coach Herta Dahl Day said the team in the opening fifteen minutes to lose control of the game and the lack of creativity in the next attack the first half. The home court Sunday ushered in Mainz team, Berlin team coach Herta Dahl Day said the two teams are from the beginning of last year, the continuous development and they were great in the National Stadium, the Berlin Herta team must make more efforts on the offensive end and in the winter before trying to grab points. From the injury situation, goalkeeper khobor, half the main attacking midfielder Duda is rehabilitation, the main defensive midfielder Skjelbred De, the main attacking midfielder Weiser injured, who reached the Trinidad before the main return from injury. The status of the Mainz team away from home in the early hours of Friday morning in the Europa League away 0 0 draw with St Etienne, in consecutive games unbeaten in all competitions. Although the Mainz team after the opening to attack but unable to break the opponent’s defense, in the final stages of the first half and the start of the second half missed several opportunities after unable to rewrite the score, the final away 0 0 draw with rivals, after Mainz coach Schmidt said in thirty minutes after the start of the game of the Mainz team in possession of the ball and defense good performance and continuous missed three or four good chances in the second half and eventually because both sides in the first leg of the tie was eliminated. This Sunday Herta away to Berlin team, the Mainz team sports director Schroder said the match strength is very strong and try to improve their ranking, the campaign in Mainz will be a classic challenge, the team will do our best to continue a good performance in the last two games and strive to get three points to get 20 points ahead of schedule to achieve milestones on the road. From the injury situation, substitute in S. Zelda, avant-garde backup center Bergreen is rehabilitation, the main defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder Clemence, Perla bench – main center Wuteng Yoshiki is back training, reserve right back Brosinski, the main defender Baer accumulated five yellow card suspension, other players can play.相关的主题文章: