Beauty A shape of the hair style which is achieved by arranuning and managing the hair in a specific way, most of the time by using hair tools like hair pins, clips, dryer, hair iron, hair spray, gel or other hair products. This process of styling the hair is called as "hair dressing" or hair styling process. Hair styling or hair dressing include dying using extensions or wigs, waves perms, curling and any other way of from of styling. Length and trimming: Hair cutting or hair trimming has to be done to from or to maintain a specific shape and form of hair. It ranges from narrow rimming of the uneven ends of the hair to a uniform length or the .pletely having the head. The whole shape of the hair is maintained by hair trimming at regular bases or at periodic internals. There are many way of trimming ones hair but usually a hair dresser do this. Because it"s difficult to maintain the hair in symmetry while cutting ones hair from the back. No doubt, trimming increases the value and appearance of the hair by removing damage ends, mean while at doesn"t help you in increasing the growth of the hair or removing all damage from the length of the scalp. Before doing this, the hair dresser usually washes the hair of the person. So that, hair can easier as .pared to cutting the dry hair. When the hair is wet, it"s easy to manage and styles them because the surface tension of the water causes the hair to stretch downward and remain together along the hair entire length. It wills ne easier for the hair dresser to create a hair form. The trimming of the hair is necessary in order to remove the damage tips of the scalp. It is also essential for giving a new look and new style to the hair of a lady or a man. It is beneficial for removing the hair having more than one tip.So, have trimming have fun by having healthy shiny hair and enjoy the life. Famous kid"s star Miley Cyrus looks pretty in her medium length hairs. Thing that sticking her on the medium length haircuts is that it suits her best. She might have tried various other options as well but her face shape and specially her character demands a softer look. So that"s why you will see a good range of medium length hairstyles in Miley Cyrus Hairstyles diary About the Author: 相关的主题文章: