Hefei Ring Road, Xiaoyaojin along will begin to overhaul: Night plan 30 days to complete the Hefei City Ring Road (Fuyang road – Shouchun Road) will soon start the overhaul project, part of the range of asphalt pavement will be refurbished. October 7th, the reporter learned from the Luyang municipal department, the entire overhaul period is expected to take 30 days. In order to minimize the impact on the public travel, the construction will be arranged at night. Many sections of road traffic status for many years to overhaul the park around the ring road, we used to call the ring road, although only two lanes, but now has become the main roads in Hefei city. After many years of service and use, aging facilities along the road, road damage and other issues are increasingly prominent. Recently, Shushan district municipal government was planning for the Ring Road (West Changjiang Road – Jinzhai Road) overhaul period. In the north, because along the pipeline more excavation construction, more serious damage to local road surface. For example, in the ring road, bumpy road, Mengcheng road and Fuyang road section traffic conditions, the rain water seriously. There are many public criticism. In the summer of this year, Luyang district municipal garden department launched between Mengcheng road and Fuyang Road, ring road overhaul plan, was closed construction. But this is just the beginning. Ring road more large-scale overhaul will start soon. Fuyang road – the road will be a full range of Shouchun "facelift" is about to start the ring road overhaul, concentrated near Xiaoyaojin Park along the route, are mainly divided into two sections. Among them, Fuyang road to the bridge for a section of ancient ancient bridge; to Shouchun road two tenders. Maintenance includes road disease disposal, road digging construction, drainage, road traffic marking etc.. The overhaul, in addition to the focus on some sections, the two section will focus on the road were all refurbished, as part of the Fuyang road to Suzhou road section, another part in the range of ancient bridge to Shouchun road. It is worth mentioning that the transformation, the use of SBS modified asphalt. The material of asphalt, good elasticity and toughness, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance is good, and better rutting resistance, can effectively reduce the pavement caused by ultraviolet radiation aging phenomenon, reduce caused by leakage of diesel oil and gasoline vehicles, breaking bad. Remind the overhaul of the night, the plan took 30 days around North Ring Road as an important link in the intersection, and Mengcheng Road, Fuyang Road, Huaihe Road, city road Shouchun road traffic hub, the pressure is not small, especially in the rush hour, the intersection of the main road traffic congestion. The transformation in the process of construction, people travel to do? In this regard, the Luyang municipal and district landscape management office staff said that the overhaul construction plan was officially launched recently, the 2 section transformation plan with 30 days to complete. In order to minimize the impact on the public travel, the transformation will focus on arrangements for the night, the normal release of the road during the day. Morning news chief reporter Fang Jiawei original title: Ring Road along Xiaoyaojin will start "plastic surgery"相关的主题文章: