Software Even though the resolution of simple Active Directory management tasks like user account creation or user password change demands little effort, it takes most of the working time of AD administrators due to the number of such requests, precious time that could be spent on solving major issues. That is why these tasks are needed to be reassigned or delegated to other responsible persons. Enterprises with a vast network infrastructure often have Help Desk department that apart from other duties is responsible for solving a number of Active Directory management tasks. For example, its often the responsibility of a Help Desk to create an account for a new user, assign him the corresponding department, etc. A list of procedures has to be done by Help Desk when the user leaves the .pany or changes his position. Moreover, it is frequently Help Desks responsibility to reset users passwords, modify their personal information. Simple tasks at first sight, but they require much time and attention and AD administrators need to make sure that proper network security in not overlooked. Modern IT market provides solutions for Active Directory help desk management that help not only administrators in delegating proper rights to Help Desk staff, but also Help Desk stuff itself in facilitating a great number of their tasks. Such solutions are often remarkable with: Web interface that helps access working environment from any location using a web browser, Provisioning and deprovisioning that help ac.plish a number of routine tasks automatically just after executing a simple operation that triggers an automated procedure. Help Desk staff is the rescuer of Active Directory administrators from lots of hours of routine and tedious tasks solving. But who can rescue the Help Desk? The answer is: handy tools that may provide proper delegation, security, automation, easy and understandable working environment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: