High school students in 1 months to grab one thousand yuan a red envelope as a shortcut to wealth to drop out, karaok brush brush…… This sound is not unfamiliar to most people, it is under such background sound accompaniment, people throw the aching arm, after another round of red envelopes launched by the capture, spend another spring festival. This is just a happy new year, but some people have been true. Recently, I received a calls from parents psychological counseling center in primary and middle schools in Beijing City, after a small child home in high winter in less than a month’s time to grab a red more than 1000, mistakenly discovered the rich shortcut at home, clamoring to leave the house long anxious. According to the teacher’s psychological counseling center, since the holiday, the small winter parents found that the child’s room often lights in the middle of the night, the big night holding the phone is also reluctant to sleep. At the beginning, the parents doubted whether the child had met the loved ones outside. And gradually, parents realized that this was not the case at all. Since the holidays, little winter almost refused to go out all the friends and visitors activities, especially in the Spring Festival these days, adhere to the "people do not leave home, mobile phones do not leave the body", like a "ready to fight" gesture. Ask carefully, little winter, this is to seize all possible opportunities to grab red packets on the phone. Not to mention, a "painstaking" not wasted, repeated practice and accumulation, small winter has explored a set of practical tactics, in less than a month time has grabbed more than 1000 dollars. "I don’t go to school anymore. I can feed myself by taking red packets." Small winter swear declaration, let parents dumbfounding, have to find the psychological counseling center teachers seek professional help. Advisory Center Director Wen Fang said, as parents, in addition to help such children correctly recognize the cost of life, but also should take this opportunity to let children learn to love, love, show love, guide the children to use the right hand of this huge amount of money". For example, let the parents for their deposit as the future growth of the fund; or bring home to get a small home appliance, experience the masters of the sense of responsibility…… In addition to online grab red packets, many children during the Spring Festival also received a lot of money lucky money. With the improvement of living standards, the hands of young children gift money price is also more and more high. Senior student Xiao Ya from his grandfather and grandmother over there, received 50 thousand dollars of gift money. How to spend a huge amount of lucky money has become the fuse between parents and children. In this regard, Wen Fang issued a reminder, in the gift money this thing, parents are not "mad about money", but to seize the good opportunity of the education. Parents should not only focus on "money", but guide children to pay attention to the "money" behind the "love"". Lucky money is entrusted to the family’s feelings and comfort, so parents should guide the children after receiving the gift money, give more emotional feedback to others. In addition, the use of the money, should fully respect the autonomy of children, and the opportunity to guide children to learn self-management, let the children in the experience of their own value, financial culture. Niu Weikun, editor in chief, 2

高中生1个月内抢上千元红包 当致富捷径想休学   咻咻咻、刷刷刷……这声音对大多数人来说大概都不陌生,正是在这样的背景音伴奏下,人们甩着酸痛的手臂在一轮又一轮对红包发起的攻占中,度过了又 一个春节。本只是过年一乐,却被有些人当了真。近日,北京市中小学心理咨询中心就接到了一位家长的来电,家中高一的孩子小冬在不到一个月的时间里抢到了一 千多块的红包之后,误以为发现了“致富”捷径,在家里吵着要休学,这可把家长急坏了。   据心理咨询中心的老师介绍,自从放假之后,小冬的父母发现,孩子的房间常常在半夜里还亮着灯,大晚上的抱着手机也迟迟不肯入睡。一开始,父母还 怀疑,是不是这孩子在外边遇到了喜欢的交往对象。而渐渐地,父母才了解到根本不是这么回事儿。放假以来,小冬几乎拒绝了一切外出访友活动,尤其是春节这几 天,坚持“人不离家,手机不离身”,俨然一副“随时准备战斗”的姿态。仔细一问才知道,小冬这是抓住一切可能的机会在手机上抢红包呢。还别说,一番“苦 心”没有白费,反复的练习加积累,小冬已经摸索出一套实用的战术,在这不到一个月的时间里就已经抢到了一千多块钱。“我以后不上学了,光靠抢红包就能养活 自己。”小冬信誓旦旦的宣言,让家长哭笑不得,只得找到心理咨询中心的老师寻求专业帮助。   咨询中心主任温方表示,作为家长,除了要帮助这样的孩子正确认识到生活成本之外,还应该借此机会让孩子学会爱、懂得爱、展示爱,引导孩子正确使 用手上的这笔“巨资”。比如,让家长为自己存起来作为以后的成长基金;或者拿来为家里置办一件家电,体验下家中小主人翁的责任意识……   除了网上抢来的红包,不少孩子在春节期间也收到了一笔不菲的压岁钱。随着人们生活水平的提高,孩子们手上压岁钱的价码也是越来越高。高二学生小亚单从自己的爷爷奶奶那边,就收到了5万块钱的压岁钱。数目巨大的压岁钱怎么花,也成了引发父母和孩子间矛盾的导火索。   对此,温方发出提醒,在压岁钱这件事情上,家长们不能“财迷心窍”,而是要抓住这一教育的好时机。父母不应该仅仅把目光盯在“钱”上,而是要引 导孩子关注“钱”背后的“情”。压岁钱寄托的是家人的情感和抚慰,因此,父母要引导孩子在收到压岁钱之后,给别人更多的情感回馈。此外,对于这笔钱的使 用,应该充分尊重孩子的自主权,并借机引导孩子学会自主管理,让孩子在其中体验自身价值,培养财商。   牛伟坤 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: