His wife poisoned husband Beijing Dutch act "Dutch act" 3 times for the wife of Liu Moumou Moumou due to dispute with others after the poison Dutch act, Moumou refused to accept the Public Security Bureau of Shangluo City Shangzhou branch of the decision not to file the Liu Moumou bodies long storage in their own homes, affecting people around the normal life. In March 19, 2012, sun Moumou and their relatives mourning cap, wearing mourning clothes will Liu’s body is placed in the Shangluo Municipal People’s Government in front of the door, and persuaded to return to abusive staff, causing adverse effects. To do a good job of sun steady control of the work and to avoid the outbreak of a long Chen corpse, 28 day and night in November 2012, the people’s Government of villages and towns to pay sun Moumou rescue fund of $330 thousand, sun moumou. But from April 2013 to November, with its parent Liu Moumou repeatedly went to Shangluo central hospital emergency department vice president office, vexatious, stranded for a long time, carrying bedding stranded in the office of Public Health Bureau, affect normal hospital office. From May 1, 2012 to November 29, 2014 in the vicinity of Tiananmen, Zhongnanhai to visit Beijing in a variety of surrounding non appeal. During the period, sun Moumou to expand the situation, the impact of manufacturing, in the vicinity of the Tiananmen and Zhongnanhai medication suicide 3 times, has been sent to the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Hospital, Beijing Hospital, the rescue treatment. During the night, the people’s Government of the town of Beijing to persuade the return period, sun Moumou abuse persuaded to return to the staff, in order to refuse to return to coerce, repeatedly forced to persuade people to ask for a total of 5800 yuan of cash. Night Town People’s government has sent a total of more than 50 staff members to the reception in Beijing, a total cost of more than RMB 24 yuan. Accordingly, the public prosecution according to the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" the 293rd regulation, accused Moumou guilty of affray, the court sentenced. In August 20, 2014, sun Moumou on suspicion of affray crime was detained in September 27th December 1st was released on bail pending trial, criminal detention, was arrested in January 7, 2015. In accordance with the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" in the first paragraph of article 293rd (three), (four), the provisions of article sixty-fourth, Moumou guilty of affray and sentenced to imprisonment for four years, 5800 yuan of illegal income shall be confiscated and turned over to the state treasury. The death of his wife was a very unfortunate event, and should have been sympathetic. But the sun long morgue at home, petition to reflect the problems, to express their demands, the public security organs in the investigation, confirmed his wife by Dutch act, Moumou was still dissatisfied, repeatedly to Beijing, after the town government mediation, compensation for the economic loss of 330 thousand yuan, its commitment to visit strike rate v.. Sun Moumou after receiving 330 thousand yuan compensation should abide by the commitment to peace of mind production and life. But soon, sun Moumou repeatedly to promise and then deny in succession the local government departments, hospitals and mischievous, and repeatedly visit to Beijing, in this process, the abused quanfan, Dutch act, refused to return to threatening to take medicine, forced to ask for money. The profit of the heart completely bared there and then to visit.相关的主题文章: