Decoration Diary – home warm good? What precautions? Decoration Diary – home to warm up? What precautions?

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?? if you want to see the real experience of decoration, decoration vomiting summary, please pay attention to the decoration diary column. Here is a true record of the owners decoration, the decoration process drops sour, sweet, bitter, hot decoration skills.

?? the general use of life and warm water heating stove, gas water heater is usually a good point to thousands of dollars. One can control the heating water to control water separator and temperature control valve control system.

boiler is divided into domestic imports, a wide variety of commonly used BOSCH, VAILLANT boiler, failure rate is relatively low, the use of a wide range of.

?? one of the benefits of water heating, gas water heater is not bought, after living water boiler. Very practical and convenient!

? General 140 party building area, the use of 24KW is enough.

? If more than 140, less than 180 square feet of construction area, the use of 28KW or so.

?? if the townhouse, proposed system furnace using 35KW system, the furnace has a benefit, can do the thermal cycle, is simply a leading hot water system, the road there is a water tank, water tank is good to store hot water, heat preservation 3-5 days. This does not allow the boiler to start frequently. Prolong the life of the boiler.

?? because there is room for outdoor terrace water tank, it is recommended to use the system, the more difficult to put the water tank large-sized apartment. Generally do not recommend the use of the system road. With a dual purpose stove.


? When is the pipeline suitable for entry? When does it need to be buried? The installation procedure is generally warm?

?? A: water heating step is generally the

?? 1) when entering the connecting pipe to water, and the water separator pre embedding boiler, boiler water separator including positioning and positioning and the outlet position and the plumber said clearly.

?? 2) the owners need to clean up the scene, bathrooms waterproofing, (Note: the pipeline can not be the toilet on the ground, because the laying of floor heating)

?? 3) in the ground after pouring, may enter the heating material, including insulation board, reflective film and pipeline laying good.

?? 4) to keep a wire control switch box. When the paint is ready. After the switch is installed. Boiler setup complete.

?? what is the water? What is the role of water? Water is generally installed in what place? Why the pipe must be whole