Hongkong political and Business Federation condemned the atrocities Mong original title: Hongkong society strongly condemned the acts of mob MK solemn support police enforcement in February 9, Xinhua news agency, Hongkong (reporter Niu Qi) Hongkong community 9 have issued a statement condemning the riots in Mong Kok, solemn support police enforcement, as soon as possible to the mob justice, justice. Condolences were also made to the injured police officers and journalists. The non official members of the Executive Council said in a statement, condemned the violence in Mong Kok, the full support of police enforcement and the mob to apprehend as soon as possible. The Legislative Council members of the Legislative Council issued a joint statement, strongly condemning the barbaric acts, and supported the enforcement of police law. Hongkong Democratic Alliance pointed out that the incident derived worrying illegal "accounted for in the violent illegal consciousness continues to spread, the DAB will be launched online signature action, appealed to the public voice, saying no to mob behavior". Hongkong Federation of trade unions pointed out that some of the so-called "native" people have an ulterior motive, deliberate excuse, organization of the mob to stir up trouble, create social unrest, the practice of heinous thugs. The New Democratic Party pointed out that troublemakers behavior and the mob is, Hongkong is a society ruled by law, Party solemn support police enforcement, the troublemakers should be brought to justice as soon as possible. The Hongkong Federation of educational workers expressed support for the police’s solemn law enforcement in order to maintain social order. HKFEW calls on all parties not easily won the prosperity and stability of treasure. Hongkong "the anti suffrage League condemned mob violence behavior not only undermine the Hongkong peaceful atmosphere of the new year, more serious impact on the international image of Hongkong, the Hongkong economy one disaster after another. The grand coalition strongly urged the police and judicial organs to enforce the law strictly and not to condone the crimes of the mob. The association of New Territories associations issued a statement expressing their anger at the incident and hoped that the 7 million citizens would support the law enforcement agencies in safeguarding the rule of law and safeguarding social peace. Four trade unions at the Immigration Department of the HKSAR government issued a statement to support the severe enforcement of the law by the police force, to uphold the rule of law in Hongkong, and to express condolences to the injured police officers. Hongkong travel agency Owners Association of 5 tourism groups issued a statement pointed out that this incident is a continuation of the previous year illegal accounted for in the beginning of last year and the Northwest New Territories attacked passengers, a serious blow to the image of Hongkong law society. The tourism sector supports the strict enforcement of law by the SAR government and the police and maintains social order. From the beginning of the 8 day night, hundreds of rioters in Mong Kok illegal gathering, assaulting a police officer in the execution of their duties and in the live interview with journalists, police and fire damaged property. Hongkong police immediately launched action to drive the rioters away. On the morning of 9, the occupied roads in Mong Kok were gradually controlled by the police, and the situation was restored. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

香港政商学各界联合谴责旺角暴行   原标题:香港社会强烈谴责旺角暴徒行径 支持警方严正执法   新华社香港2月9日电(记者牛琪)香港社会各界9日纷纷发表声明,严厉谴责旺角暴乱事件,支持警方严正执法,尽快缉拿肇事暴徒归案,绳之于法。各界还对事件中受伤的警员和新闻工作者表示慰问。   特区行政会议非官守成员发表声明表示,严厉谴责在旺角发生的暴力行为,全力支持警方执法及尽快缉拿肇事暴徒归案。   建制派立法会议员发表联合声明,对有关野蛮行为予以强烈谴责,支持警方执法。   香港民主建港协进联盟指出,此次事件令人忧虑非法“占中”所衍生的暴力违法意识,正继续扩散蔓延,民建联将发起网上签名行动,呼吁全港市民发声,向暴徒行为说“不”。   香港工会联合会指出,一些打着所谓“本土”的别有用心人士,蓄意借故,组织暴徒挑起事端,制造社会不安,暴徒的做法令人发指。   新民党指出,滋事分子的行为与暴徒无异,香港是法治社会,新民党支持警方严正执法,尽快将滋事分子绳之于法。   香港教育工作者联会表示,支持警方严正执法以维持社会秩序。教联会呼吁各方珍惜来之不易的繁荣安定。   香港“保普选反暴力”大联盟严厉谴责暴徒行为不仅破坏香港祥和的新年气氛,更严重影响香港的国际形象,令香港经济雪上加霜。大联盟强烈要求警方及司法机构严正执法,不能姑息暴徒的罪行。   新界社团联会发表声明对事件深感愤怒,期盼700万市民一起支持执法部门守护法治,维护社会安宁。   特区政府入境处四个工会发表声明,支持警队严正执法,维护香港法治,并慰问受伤警员。   香港旅行社东主协会等5个旅游业团体发表声明指出,这次事件是前年非法“占中”及去年初新界西北袭击旅客的延续,严重打击香港法治社会的形象。旅游界支持特区政府和警方严正执法,维持社会秩序。   从8日深夜开始,数百名暴徒在旺角非法集结,袭击执行职务的警务人员及在现场采访的新闻工作者,毁坏警车及公物,纵火。香港警方随即展开行动,驱离暴乱者。至9日晨,旺角被占据的道路陆续被警方控制,局势得到恢复。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: