Housewarming to avoid "evil" Feng Shui 4 essentials?? in recent years, despite the soaring property prices, but the purchase of housing purchase housing crowd unabated, however, for the vast majority of people is not an easy, simple thing, maybe life is only once, because of this, how to make new homes more house the main cause of prosperity, great luck in making money is more conducive to family harmony, stability, more conducive to family health, and so on, it is very important. ?? Then, in addition to the selected in residential renovation, we need to strictly follow the principles of Feng Shui, we in the new house should pay attention to what the main points from the perspective of Feng Shui? Housewarming??, a move into the house as a selected auspicious occasion?? who has the same life, such as, gates as man’s mouth, the window as the eyes of man, and so on, the new housewarming auspicious occasion as one’s birthday, also contains a number of good and bad. Kyrgyzstan housing for home ownership, natural advantage; housing for home ownership is fierce, natural harmful. ?? To about three points in the selected day: 1?? the five line is not suitable for a new door to the house, to the five lines of conflict. For example, a new door to the house to Shen, to the afternoon, is generally not selected, moved Zi yin. ?? 2 day five and should not be moved into the main house, and the house should not rush years and life like to use God at. For example, life life is a pig, is generally not choose has moved; the life of the Lord is like water with God, is generally not choose Tuwang Wang relocation, etc.. ? 3 generally choose to move during the day. Because the night for Yang Yin on the drop down, and new homes do not have the ability to completely distinguish master breath, easy to move into new homes at the unclean gas, further will affect the main house of the horoscope. Housewarming?? two, incense room. The steps are as follows:? 1, close the doors and windows. ?? 2 in the center of the room placed a plate of incense, which placed a large living room, with the best sandalwood; for the sake of safety, please support the use of porcelain sandalwood. ? 3, burning incense, about thirty to sixty minutes. 4, open the doors and windows ventilation.   housewarming?? three, burning stove to boil water?? burning stove to boil water for a moment, the auspicious days, delivery time for the new immigration. At this time, at the same time take the gun and other ways to celebrate. Housewarming?? four, if the home in pregnant women, generally should not be on the move. ?? But if special circumstances, must move, it is best to let pregnant women avoid, don’t participate in the relocation process. Generally speaking, the pregnant woman body relative weakness, baby’s weak ability to produce against the environment changes of the evil spirits of the relatively weak, so as not to touch the air.相关的主题文章: