Dating One female colleague working in Shenzhen fell in love with a guy who was still pursuing his postgraduate study. Each holiday, the boyfriend would .e to Shenzhen from the remote college, only to meet her in person. She was moved at the beginning, but she then discovered that each time during his visit, she had to spend lots of money on clothes, meal and recreation, etc. and almost all the expense is on her. Afterwards, he even began to beg for living expense. On one hand, she felt he was the one who loves her deeply and without too much earnings as a student, and it doesnt matter to give him some money. On the other hand, she had to pay for the date each time even his living expense, is his true love questionable? Does he really love me? Is there any intention? In my opinion, the girl in the topic should consider whether your love is worth continuing or not. Once love has little relation with money, so your love impure at your heart. Usually, female is sensitive, their hearts are fragile, especially facing to the love for "begging money", they would be.e ambivalent, with a feeling of fear, sadness and doubt that whether he loves for really, or just for money. On the other hand, I think that the man is incorrect. As a man with self -dignity, he should not beg money from lovers under influence of tradition of Chinese traditional views. In tradition, when men are born, they have a responsibility of supply the whole family and are expected to be strong enough to be.e the breadwinners of a family or even pillars of society. However, her boyfriend never does so. Instead of earning money by his own hands, he chooses to lean a heavy shoulder on his girlfriend, without any consideration that how hard or terrible she might feel. A man like that, no matter how deeply she is falling love with is not a good chose as a spouse, since he never thinks about the responsibilities. In a word, if you are a smart girl, you should give up the love, it is said that it is better long-term pain than short-term pain. Believe After the storm the sun always. Every single girl has been in their love stories. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: