Leadership Let’s face it, we are all susceptible to having bad days; however, these are all part of a hidden mechanism designed to bring out the best in us. Anyone can be a success, but you must first decide what success means to you. For some it could mean: waking up each day to the perfect .panion or cup of coffee, an alarm clock that works like a charm, a car that never breaks down, or the job that provides everything they need. While these may all sound like great examples, on the other hand, success can evade even the smartest person if he does understand true success. Self-esteem determines success! It en.passes every aspect of people-skills and human interactions. For example, do you know people like this: they have little confidence in their smile, and at a moment of laughter they cover their mouths to avoid embarrassment? The same is true for those suffering from a defect in self-esteem. They do just enough to not get noticed; and should they encounter any praise or unexpected accolades, they either freeze or resort to an overly introverted personality. People like these be.e hindered by their lack of or low self-esteem and are therefore prone to failure, low productivity and are limited in their pursuit for success. You were created to function, not just to exist! A lack of function is a clear sign of low self-esteem. On the other hand, high self-esteem results in high productivity and success, and increased people skills. The truth is, you cannot be successful by yourself, it is a team effort and you need others to make it happen. Success is therefore an internal operation that is manifested externally in the things which you participate in on a daily basis. If your aim is to be.e successful and you spend all your efforts working extraneously on external matters, while neglecting the internal, stop and begin with the inner you first. You will have saved yourself much time, money and resources. Think of it this way, whatsoever is inside of you will be.e evident when you are (tested) squeezed. So get the right thing inside of you. Here is a great saying: "a truck is only as good as the engine under its hood, and even so, it is only as productive as the person operating it. In the end, the external paint covering its shell is of little value or no concern." Likewise, it is what’s inside of you that determine the outward achievement. Self-esteem is an internal function with an external manifestation. How you feel inside is evident in how and what you do. You cannot hide your feelings. Regardless of the many masks you wear, they are visible to others. The sad part is that, many who claim to be your friend will see it and not say a word; all in the name of political correctness and wonna-be-nice! It is your true friends, which keep you accountable and honest with yourself. Find those people and allow them to help you by providing feedback about your actions and disposition. Do a self test: * Ask your friends if they feel un.fortable around you? if they have to try hard, something is wrong. * Are you timid in a new environment or while doing a new task? Other Tips: * Never look down on yourself. * You came from heaven and it is not under your feet; it is upward, so keep your head up. * You are too important to be f.otten, and far too wonderful to be overlooked. * You are worth more than you can ever imagine * Failure is not a coincidence. Don’t worry, you are not alone. There are millions of people who are scared to take a step forward. The most important thing is to address your setbacks before they set you up for failure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: