Stocks-Mutual-Funds A Price Action Trading System would involve any trading method or strategy on any financial market that pertains to using the raw price data, the very price action data raw from the chart to make a trading or investing decision. Using a clean raw price action forex chart will dramatically enhance your trading abilities because it allows you to see the market with extreme clarity, its the way the bank traders and the major funds look at the forex market, so you should too! A logical and easy to understand trading plan should involve a price action system, and various price action forex strategies, they will offer the trader precise data points and precise trading signals to execute and make good trades, its just a question of how much time you put into learning how this style of trading works. Looking forward, if you are not yet trading in this manner and are yet to explore keeping your charts naked and free from all mess and indicators, then you are genuinely on the wrong path. As a full time trader, the road to profits has always been using my raw price charts on the 4 hour, the daily and the weekly to form a valid decision and bias for market direction and movement. Market trading patterns and technical signals and levels are very clear once you start to follow the clean simple price charts, just try it already! The huge value of simply plotting key support and resistance in a clean stress free forex chart can’t be ignored, you need to try it to understand it, and that takes time, and screen time in front of these kinds of charts to be.e an expert. There are 3 steps to setting up our charts correctly for price action analysis. 1. Remove all indicators, all grids, all other tools, to ensure there is only the price in the chart window. 2. Change the bars or lines to "candlesticks" this will allow for quick and easy visual reference, this is the golden key to finding the trading signals on each timeframe. 3. Seek to plot key levels, seek to find turning points, and swing points on that chart to help you define the dynamics of that currency pair. 4. Set up your trading plan to contain a number of price action trading systems or strategies to help you get into trades. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: