Hubei in the next 3 days, such as the next day after the third quarter will be close to the temperature of 35 degrees Celsius in the next three days, Hubei, such as across the two quarter, the Western rain moist cool, such as autumn, the eastern part of the remains of the hot summer aftertaste. Wuhan Meteorological Center is expected in the next three days, the main force in the western and Northern precipitation in Jianghan Plain, the western land, but as timely assistance like timely rain, rain and artificial rainfall, the drought will get some relief. The details are as follows: Saturday in small to moderate rain, other areas cloudy showers in Jianghan Plain, Sunday and Monday; the western and Northern Jianghan Plain small to moderate rain showers elsewhere. After all, we walk in the road leading to the fall, the three days of small to moderate rain will make western high temperature decreased significantly, down to 24-28 DEG C; the eastern only shower floats, so high or slow rising trend: Saturday Sunday 28-31 C 27-30 C 30-34 C next Monday. Wuhan is Sunday showers, Saturday and next Monday is cloudy, the city center Saturday high temperature 32 degrees, 31 degrees on Sunday, but Monday will reach 34 degrees, 35 degrees high temperature line approximation, estimation of summer girl want to say is: Actually I don’t want to go, I want to leave. (reporter Tong Zhan)相关的主题文章: