Hunan’s comedy show "Etsusaku" tactics to open local comedian selection in late October 9th, nearly half of the planning policy planning a new "true" Hunan unveiled, to meet with the audience in Hunan. As a native of Hunan, 14 years of ACE variety show, this is the right time to more policy, set mark Qi "plan God", the famous comedian soldier, Hunan, rising star YOYO, the new generation of comedians Xiong Zhuang, Hunan drum theatre stage actor Liu Zhaoqian, for nearly 10 years, Hunan’s first file star selection activity. The "true" sunshine after the premiere, the audience talked about is diverse compared to other forms of comedy, comedy shows, the "true" sunshine does not rigidly adhere to the traditional cross talk and sketch, whether it is to let people laugh with tears in the Zhang Zhou team, Yue huoyue young Xiangtan SHE team, and adorable baby Li Yiqing the whole program is more rich. It is worth mentioning that the comedian’s performance not only won the audience’s laughter, but also reveals the bitterness behind the tragic history of the comedian, let the audience know the definition of "comedian". Program group in the program system also spent a lot of thought, developed a unique "smiling face recognition system", the judges in watching the performance of the players in the process, as long as the smiling face, that is, the promotion of the players lit a smiling face, set three smiling faces, you can qualify for the semi-finals. More customized logo clown hat, to qualify for the unique logo players. In order to get closer to the audience, Gao Xu 19:00YOYO, last night also work together in the "true" Sanxiang player the first large-scale promotion and recruitment activities in Yuelu District Venus Road, brought a wonderful performance at the same time for the audience, it is sent out a large number of luxury packs, wonderful performances and generous gift to the scene lively and noisy day. Subsequently, the program group will be in the 14 prefectures in the province took turns for the ground campaign, second games scheduled for October 16th four pm Changsha Yuhua District People’s Road No. 526 Chaoyang joindoor shop. Funny players, sharp review, handsome host, new promotion system, will get extraordinary audience response. Also believe that this event will find that the audience more folk comedian, bring more joy to the audience.

湖南最搞笑节目“越策”出新招 开启本土笑星选拔10月9日晚,筹划了近半年的越策全新企划《笑傲三湘》揭开了神秘面纱,同湖南广大观众见面。作为湖南本土14年的王牌综艺节目,越策此次也是把准时机,集齐“策神”马可,著名相声演员大兵,湖南经视当家花旦YOYO,新生代笑星熊壮,湖南花鼓剧院一级演员刘赵黔,做了近10年来,湖南的首档笑星选拔活动。《笑傲三湘》首播过后,最为观众津津乐道的就是多样化喜剧形式,相比于其他的喜剧节目,《笑傲三湘》并没有拘泥于传统的相声和小品,无论是让人笑中带泪的张洲团队,越活越年轻的湘潭SHE团队,还是萌娃李奕卿都使得整个节目更为丰富饱满。更值得一提的是,笑星的表演不仅博得了观众的大笑,更是揭露了笑星背后的辛酸血泪史,让观众重新认识了“笑星”的定义。节目组在节目系统上也是花了大量心思,研发了独有的“笑脸识别系统”,评委在观看选手表演的过程中,只要露出笑脸,即为选手晋级点亮了一个笑脸,集齐三个笑脸,即可晋级复赛。更是定做了节目标识性的小丑帽,为晋级选手独有的标志。为了更贴近观众,昨晚19:00YOYO、高旭也携手《笑傲三湘》的选手在岳麓区金星中路进行了首场大型推广暨报名活动,为观众带来了精彩表演的同时,更是送出了大量的豪华礼包,精彩的表演以及慷慨的赠礼让现场热闹喧天。其后,节目组将在全省的14个地州市轮番进行地面推广活动,第二场定于10月16日下午四点长沙市雨花区人民中路526号家润多朝阳店。搞笑的选手,犀利的评审,帅气的主持,全新的晋级系统,定将取得不凡的收视反响。也相信这次活动定将为观众找寻到更多遗落民间的笑星,为观众带来更多的欢乐。相关的主题文章: