Dental-Care The loss of natural teeth can negatively affect the appearance of a smile. The spaces left by missing teeth make the smile look unhealthy and in.plete in a very obvious manner. In cases when all teeth go missing, the entire face takes on a sunken, shrivelled look that instantly adds years to the patients actual age. The natural contours of a face deteriorate with the loss of the teeth, which fill up the space inside the mouth; without the teeth, the lips close in on the gums and the whole face will look much older. If the tooth loss is not solved soon, the jawbone will start to deteriorate as well and cause the mouth area to look even more caved-in. Dental implants replace the normal function of lost teeth, making it possible for a toothless person to do certain activities such as eating, chewing on food, and smiling in a normal manner, without dis.fort or pain. Implants also bring back the healthy appearance of the smile as they work on improving the function of teeth. These artificial tooth roots are embedded into the jawbone using a surgical procedure, but there are some types (mini dental implants) that only require a minimally invasive procedure to be attached to the jawbone. Once tooth root replacements are securely embedded into the jawbone, they are then connected to teeth restorations such as dental crowns or a fixed dental bridge. The implants and the corresponding teeth restorations work to restore the proper function and aesthetics of the smile after tooth loss. Patients who have lost most or all of their teeth can enjoy a more attractive, better appearance with the help of dental implants. The unsightly spaces caused by the loss of natural teeth will efficiently be filled out by the teeth replacements, so there is no more need to be embarrassed with a toothless smile. The shrunken appearance of the mouth will also be solved, since the spaces that have been left by the tooth loss inside the mouth will now be plumped out in a more normal looking way with the presence of the teeth restorations. An implant treatment can dramatically take years off the face and make on look much more attractive and younger as a result. The implants also prevent the deterioration of the jawbone, or can stop further .plications from developing in case the bone thinning has already set in. About the Author: , visit our clinic today. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: