To observe the international film and TV show: TVB artist Qi stunts Sina entertainment news after the early spring will push, June Shanghai TV Festival, 25 in Beijing on the opening of the Chinese International Film and TV show, the TV industry and a vane again "depression" in the end. Sina entertainment scene, many well-known film and television production company is absent, only a small number of new projects in the exhibition, and the number of rare hot drama drama. The stars are dim, only Wang Lei and other artists in the exhibition hall for the new hard propaganda platform. In contrast, Bosco Wong and Chen Zhanpeng [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Nancy Wu, Michael Miu, Moses Chan, Kristal Tin [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Roger Kwok, Chen Kailin, Shiu Hung Hui [micro-blog] more than 20 star artists used TVB instead of in large venues stunts. TVB also announced the "2 Apostles" and "the new century", the top two projects. About TVB artist is referred to "leave the nest", asked why it is a funny stick, Bosco Wong replied: "I don’t know haha, good fun, shoot." The same stick to TVB Nancy Wu also asked whether for filming, she replied: "calm will first TVB scene is good for everyone to see." The great depression: new hot show less well-known production company is also less awkward because of dim starlight early last year landed a drama of two new shocks, and TV related regulation, coupled with a flurry of recent years Chinese International Film and TV show to decline, the Chinese International Film and TV show again showing "depression" the status, also appears to be expected. According to statistics, Sina entertainment, several mainland exhibitors well-known film and television production company only Shandong film and television production, Tak television, SMG, Datang brilliant, CI Wen media, new media Lai, happy blue ocean, Providence Park, new fantasy film, Iqiyi, such as music, they bring their drama also 32. This year, also to the galloping horse, Huace, Huayi Brothers, the film, Hareon and other well-known film and television production company collective absence. There are some popular new exhibitors, such as "win the world" "jade lovers" "no" "solitary Fang’s" Ode to joy "optional day in mind" 2 "as the" secret "of Yi Zhuan" Chu Joe biography "" White Deer "" give me hold me "" starry sky "beautiful" in the sea Weiyang ", not only a small number, including Xun Zhou, starring Wallace Huo as" Yi Zhuan "published in the first round had to return to, so it seems only to support the exhibition. In addition, either is the issue of the backlog of drama suck, for example, hillshade it [micro-blog] starring "Guardian" surfaced and Chen Xiao [micro-blog], Yuan Shanshan [micro-blog] starring in the drama "cloud top above", and Zhong Hanliang [micro-blog] play male two "don’t say you love me" either; some attempts to the two round, round or round issue of the old drama. According to the observation platform, even if it is one of the few exhibitors with popular drama, are also buyers scarce, more is to observe the media reporter. If there are some stars in the film and television show in previous years, the film and television show can be said to be a star, know相关的主题文章: