Is expected to introduce? Bao said the president wants to enter the dream China said this year’s hot mobile phone game without mentioning the popular in the world of "demon dream" the treasure to be GO. Although the buddies have been complaining about the national service has not opened, but recently the elf treasure can dream company agency and the original feldspar mentioned in an interview with the Wall Street journal, the company is actively preparing for the game to enter China. Ishihara Kowa is the chief executive officer of the company, but also one of the producers of the wizard’s dream series. Recently, Nintendo’s next generation NX will change the people inherent in the concept of household machine and console he said in an interview with the Wall Street journal, the company will also confirmed the launch game for NX. At the same time, Mr. Ishihara Kowa also revealed that the spirit of treasure can dream GO is actively preparing to enter the Republic of Korea and China, the key problem is also solved in the Google map. For the wizard treasure can dream GO is expected to enter the news of the country, the domestic small partners are not so enthusiastic: Google map is really difficult to solve the problem." "Feel this game has no what fun ah, others are tired." Although many people look forward to, but I think there will be a lot of dog follow suit, or do not introduce. Don’t let the dogs follow my childhood memories." For the "Wizard treasure can dream GO" is expected to introduce domestic news, we will look forward to it? Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: