JINGWAH fifty-third times: the Golden Horse Award information transfer young – media – people.com.cn original title: fifty-third Golden Horse Awards transfer young information fifty-third Golden Horse Awards night of November 26th results, director Zhang Dalei’s "August" won best film, Feng Xiaogang with "I’m not the best director Pan Jin Lotus" reverted to the bag, Wei Fan rely on "no problem" won the best actor, best actress produced eggs, shared by the "July and still" the two starring Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun. For the audience, this year the Golden Horse Award winners, people feel very familiar with the name of not much, which can describe the "old gun", only Feng Xiaogang, Wei Fan the two in the cinema for many years senior practitioners. Feng Xiaogang for two consecutive harvest in the Golden Horse Award, marking him still represent the mainland film level. Wei Fan is keen on literary creation in the transformation, finally ushered in a huge return, a statue of the Golden Horse Award for best actor trophy, I do not know whether to let go of his recent years of ups and downs of grievances. "Not a problem" is not only a distinct literary elements, or black and white pieces, Wei Fan in the end of the literature and art, and finally get rid of the shackles of his comedian, in the film and television world has its own place. But in addition to Feng Xiaogang and Wei Fan, who won the main award from the age, young people have full occupation of the Golden Horse Award, which means that the golden horse began to turn sight to the movie Cenozoic, also means that the film filmmakers are updating. Don’t upset is not the Golden Horse Award, this year the biggest upset is "August", and its director Zhang Dalei is a 80. Zhang Dalei caused the film industry attention, because "August" won the FIRST Film Festival best film of the year, he represented a voice evaluation of young directors and hope. It is worth mentioning that the topic of this year’s movie "roadside picnic" director Bi Gan and "winter" director Xing Jian, are also begin to display talents young director. But like Zhang Dalei Chushoubufan captured the Golden Horse Award, is particularly eye-catching, quietly and observe the change happened in the film industry from inside. The audience for the film for innovation, a few years ago has been placed on the strength of the original film director, but on the whole the original ability, and the audience did not give a satisfactory answer, so many people began turning to young people. Young people and the main problems relative to the burden bound much less — and the box office market is not considered in their work, a little money to start the project, on the other hand, they dare to express their works in personality, try a variety of styles, which makes the audience can easily find new ideas from their works and sharpness. This year the Golden Horse Award for young filmmakers to encourage, promote more young filmmakers to speed up the film circle "spoiler". In the best actress and best supporting actor on the choice of the Golden Horse Award for the "new thin" position is also very obvious. "In July and she" adapted from Anne’s novel of the same name as a baby, a IP movie, "in July and she" came out late, but in the theme and content, obviously still young, film)相关的主题文章: