Sometime in the past whole Assam was under uprising. There was no advancement. Be that as it may, when Congress government .e to power, we went into Assam Accord and peace was back in Assam. After that there was a non-Congress guideline and you had seen what had happened under it. The whole state was under tumult. There was no cash to pay rates to the workers. There were no streets and the development rate was only 2%. At the point when Congress again framed an administration here under the initiative of Gagoi Ji, we established an in number framework in view of adoration and improvement began returning here. We could ac.plish progress in light of the fact that we brought everybody alongside us. We worked for whole individuals, with no separation. Congress party dependably trusts that engaging our kin is vital for improvement. We understand that individuals have more information. We constituted 6 self-sufficient gatherings and 18 improvement boards here; I had .municated with those amid my prior visit and I am glad to illuminate that I could take in a great deal from them. We can annihilation disdain just through affection. One can never evacuate haziness utilizing dimness; we need light to free from murkiness. So also, just with affection and fraternity one can win over disdain. That is the thing that you demonstrated in Assam. You have peace not in light of the Congress party, but rather it is because of the endeavors of its kin. You crushed brutality with adoration and it is a decent lesson for others to learn. In front of each broad decision, the NDA turns out with another battle inflatable. They arranged an ‘India Shining’ inflatable in 2004. However, when the tallying stations were opened, they came to realize that the poor in our nation burst that .pletely filled hot air inflatable. They had made a .parative inflatable in 2009 too. Indeed, even numerous media likewise had said that Congress was losing seriously in that race. They had precluded a plausibility of Congress returning to control once more. Be that as it may, when the checking was over, their forecasts turned out badly and the NDA inflatable was blasted once more. Presently, in 2014 likewise, BJP and NDA are prepared with another enormous inflatable, .pletely loaded with air. After the races, this one too will blast, three times boisterously than prior ones. I will let you know why I am so certain. Congress gathering is an association as well as is a philosophy. This thinking is not new but rather ages old and this belief system has blasted different such inflatables. This philosophy shows that nation can grow just through adoration and fellowship. That shows us that we can advance just on the off chance that we listen to the destitute individuals and enable them. I simply need to tell my .panions in resistance that it is not the Congress party which burst your inflatable, but rather it is poor people. This time as well, their hot air advertising inflatable will be blasted by the general population. We serve the general population with adoration. The development rate of Assam was only 2% amid BJP-AGP government, we have expanded it to 13%. Individuals speak a considerable measure about Gujarat model, these days. BJP says that Gujarat model must be repeated in every single other state. I need to make them .prehend that Assam does not require Gujarat model, it needs Assam model. Each spot has its own particular pertinence; each state has its own insight. Each state has its own way of life, legacy and history. Gujarat model may be useful for Gujarat. Gujarat created in light of the general population’s endeavors there – the ladies, the workers created it. The white upset was conceivable because of the ladies in Gujarat, not of Modi government. What I need to say is Assam needs an Assam model. There is issue with this state. On the off chance that Assam is to be produced, it is conceivable just with the information and quality of its kin. BJP thinks one philosophy can run the whole nation however the fact of the matter is that this nation is not made of one idea or belief system but rather of thousands and lakhs of musings. They need to force their belief system in Assam, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Maharashtra. Yet, it is never conceivable. Our nation is not taking into account one single idea or philosophy. It is loaded with heaps of thoughts and belief systems. Each state has its own particular society. This is our quality. Each state has its own quality and history. We must attempt to suit all such expanded contemplations. Assam had recorded most noteworthy rice creation a year ago. You ac.plished it taking after your own model. We gave exceptional spotlight on the issues of ranchers, tribals, minorities, SC, ST and OBCs. We endorsed immense monetary bundles for it and heaps of individuals profited. In the event that one goes to Gujarat and get some information about their living conditions, he can understand their despicable situation there. They are not under any condition content with the Gujarat model. The case is same with different segments of society as well. They say nobody arrives to listen to their issues. There are loads of cries and inflatable flying on air on Gujarat demonstrate however individuals are in misery there. Gujarat model is advantageous just for a chose gathering of five-six industrialists. The grounds of poor agriculturists are being grabbed away. On the off chance that we need to create Assam further, we have to unite it with different spots. We can expand availability by streets, railroad lines and east-west halls. Your young .petitor here was simply conversing with me in regards to the need of a 4-line interstate here. It is a smart thought. The state govt here fabricated 22700 km streets and 3500 scaffolds here. It additionally built 6 extensions over Brahmaputra – the life line of Assam. 13 lakh individuals could profit advantages of the MNREGA in Assam. Bunches of poor profited by the free pharmaceutical plan called Assam Arogya Nidhi Yojana. Around 8 lakh got advantages of Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Vidyuteekaran Yojana. Every one of our arrangements like MNREGA, RTI, Adivasi Bill, Food Security Bill, Land Acquisition Bill are gone for engaging normal man. The state government here too needs to give more energy to its natives. This is the distinction between the Congress and the BJP. While Congress needs to enable individuals at all kinds of different backgrounds, BJP needs to give whole energy to a solitary individual. They surmise that one and only individual has the whole information and they don’t understand the general population’s force. Congress realizes that individuals have learning thus their strengthening is essential for advancement. I am upbeat to see ladies in huge numbers here. You have a rich custom of regarding and engaging ladies. Different states must take in it from you. Congress conceded half booking for ladies in Panchayats. Presently the bill to give 33% reservation to ladies is pending in the Parliament. The resistance is not letting its section as they are terrified of ladies strengthening. Be that as it may, we will without a doubt get that bill passed. Ladies agents had .e to me and had asked for my mediation to build the quantity of financed LPG barrels from 9 to 12. I passed on this to our Prime Minister and Sonia (Gandhi) ji and they set aside no opportunity to trek the numbers to 12. The Assam government gives 33% reservation here for ladies in government occupations and joined 2.70 Lakh ladies with the banks through Self Help Groups. We understand the ladies’ quality and our childhood. The new modern and cargo hall – Delhi-Mumbai, Mublai-0Chennai, Delhi-Kolkata-started by us will support the assembling division and lakhs of youngsters from Assam will have the capacity to get work once it is finished. We know China is the fundamental worldwide assembling center point and in future India too will get to be similar to China. We have to give more concentrate on training as well. Best instructive offices are presently accessible in Assam. We have IIT, IIIT, NIT, TISS, RGIPT, 2 focal colleges, 3 therapeutic schools and 50 expertise improvement focuses in Assam at present. We realize that teaching the Assam youth won’t just advantage this state, however whole nation as well. I need to let you know something about Tezpur. Indira Gandhi had let me know that she had .e to Tezpur alleviation camps amid India-China war. We have assembled an air terminal in Tezpur furthermore have begun to make the interstate 4-line. We changed over the railroad lines there to wide gage and overhauled the colleges to focal colleges. In the most recent 10 years of UPA administration, we could lift around 15 crore individuals out of destitution utilizing our professional poor approaches and projects lime MNREGA, Food and Land bills. Presently there is another class rose, simply over the BPL however beneath the white collar class. Theare speak the truth 70 Crore individuals in that new gathering who work in production lines, who fill in as woodworkers and we need these 70 Cr individuals ought to be gotten white collar class, while keep serving the poor and discouraged. We now need to give poor a privilege to wellbeing and right to shield. We never need to run a legislature for the rich. We realize that we require businesses, assembling focuses yet we will overlook our needy individuals. The restriction just sees the neediness from a separation and convey huge discourses from the stages. The restriction says ‘India Shining’, they market models, yet India will just sparkle, when nobody is poor. Our nation will sparkle just in the event that we annihilate neediness totally. BJP’s governmental issues speaks the truth two things. In the first place, pit Hindus against Muslims, the rich against the poor and individuals of Maharashtra against those from UP and Bihar. Just before the races, mobs began in Muzaffarnagar at UP. Second, they neglect to see the poor’s torment. So they talk of things like ‘India Shining’ which I will never on the grounds that I meet you consistently and .prehend you’re enduring. The poor are not obvious for BJP and never does anything for the poor’s upliftment. Congress pioneers, as Gandhi ji, go to the general population, hold their hands in backing, associate with them to understand their issues. This has been our convention. No pioneer can change our nation, in the event that he doesn’t go to the general population, and hear them out. I .prehend the ladies’ issues here. My goal is clear. I need to serve the poor from the center of my heart, not through addresses but rather by activities. A few pioneers surmise that there is no .pelling reason to listen to the general population. They feel that they are the encapsulation of kno 相关的主题文章: