Lead exposure derby defeat United dressing room chaos Mourinho [information] to sit idly by derby defeat caused chaos Mourinho United dressing room to sit idly by United players in the locker room sports Tencent accused each September 13th hearing on Saturday, Manchester United lost 1-2 to Manchester City Derby, in the Champions League battle suffered a head-on blow. "The sun" disclosure, at halftime, the United dressing room also occurred between the small scale, the player’s argument, and Mourinho has also let them fight for a while before intervention, but ultimately failed to save the day. In the first half, Manchester (data) has relied on nocchio Izzy and de Blau Hei scored 2 goals, Ibrahimovic pulled a ball by his side, even worse, Manchester United are not dominant in the scene, did not see the hope to have the opportunity to overtake. To this end, in the middle of the night, Manchester United players began to blame each other’s mistakes, and finally even quarreled. "The sun" disclosure, Mourinho did not intervene, to allow his players to vent his anger, then let them calm down, and then made a tactical change, and Lin Jiade put off mkhitaryan. Manchester United insider said: "this is the first time Manchester United this season, such a quarrel, but Jose (Mourinho) at that time looked calm, as if nothing to do with the quarrel. People can hear the players shouting and arguing. In a few minutes, Jose was decided to let them be quiet, and tell them to calm in the second half, otherwise, the situation would be even worse. God knows, if Ibrahimovic failed to draw a ball, the situation may be worse." But the locker room brawl on the results of the game did not affect much, the two sides in the second half have no achievements, Manchester United in the first half or 1-2 score lost the game. However, two days later, Mourinho said publicly that he will be in the first round of the Europa League week on Faye Nord in the group phase on the abandoned two derby defeat crime Chen Mjitara and Lin Jiade: "is the only factor to decide who to play, they will not play in Faye Nord, this is not to punish them, they still need more time, so I can only send the other players." (Romario)相关的主题文章: