Men’s-Issues There was a time when alcopops were considered the devil and everyone assumed they were corrupting the young generation. Some were asking for strict regulation to .plete ban on them. But that seems to quieten down. Now the Cheap E-Cigarette Brands have be.e scapegoat and everyone is yelling to regulate it or ban it .pletely. Let us look whether it is good or bad to ban the sale of e-cigarettes to the buyers under the age of 18. The most promising thing is that the enforcement of the law is across the board i.e.., similar for everyone out there. Not excluding anyone. This is reassuring. But the fact is many already do this. They do not sell cigarettes to children less than 18. Many consider the e-cigs to be an alternative to the real cigarettes. They argue that the children would use the alternative to traditional cigarettes. But one can ask how they would do so, as they are not legally entitled to so. The cons of banning the cigarettes to under 18: There are children who smoke. There is evidence that high school children smoke real cigarettes. So if you are giving them the alternative which is less harmful than the real cigarettes you are in fact forcing them to use traditional real cigarettes which much harmful. Some think it is alternative to real cigarettes, instead it helps people quit smoking. The studies have revealed that the number of young smokers is decreasing in UK alone. This is partly due to the success of E-Cig Batteries Wholesale . England’s chief Medical Official said in a press release that E-cigarettes could produce toxic elements. The amount which differ from one type to another can be very harmful for children’s health less than 18. This argument that the amount of nicotine varies from vendor to vendor is true. There are some brands which are of low standards. But on the other hand the high quality brand will ensure that the regulation are observed in good faith. They would ensure that the safety standards for consumption within the country are obeyed. So the next time you go to buy an electronic cigarette make sure they are of good quality. So you don’t have to spend on health later. As with everything which is big and new, conflicts arise which only settle with time. As the e-cigs are the next big thing so there is lot of discussion and debates on its benefits and harm. So learn from them and make a right and smart choice when you buy your next e-cig. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: