Success One of the best-selling books on winning lottery systems is the The Silver Lotto System by Ken Silver. He is the author of many different books that concentrate on this field and others. Giving you tips and methods, the Silver Lotto System has been used by thousands to become lottery winners. There are hundreds of testimonials on his website from customers that have used the tips and methods from the Silver Lotto System. After years of research and development, Ken released his system in 1991. Lottery players have received in the last 20 plus years what they are all looking for. What he gives is a simple, easy to understand, successful way for lottery playing. His system is designed for novice and advanced players alike. In the way of a warning, Ken offers his first advice. By being very honest, Ken informs everyone that they will not be successful using his system if you are not dedicated to it and willing to follow his advice. This does not mean trying it for a couple of drawings but over a time period that gives it a chance to do what it was designed to do. Ken wants you to a winner, that is what he does. It is a MUST for you to confident in yourself and your system for this to happen. If you dont want to do this, you are wasting your money on Kens system or any other system you might use. By being a great motivator, Ken shows you the way to success. When you buy a ticket using the Silver Lotto System, he wants you to feel excited. Ken wants you to think of the things you would do with your winnings. He wants you look forward to the next drawings even if you didnt win. Ken realizes there are too many people who worry and fret when they don’t win. If you are faithful to the Silver Lotto System, Ken knows he will make you a winner, if not this time, then the next. When you are confident your system will work, you can’t wait for the success you know you will have playing future games. The Silver Lotto System shows you the way to become the type of lottery player you have always want to be. You become the player that is confident and knowledgeable. Using these two assets will increase your chances of winning the amounts you have always dreamed of. Using tips such as which numbers show up more often than others to which games to avoid are just a little of what the Silver Lotto System offers. Ken believes the most important aspect of playing the lottery is the fact that it is almost impossible to select the correct winning numbers without inside knowledge. A lot of players persist in playing patterns such as birthdays which Ken does not recommend. He suggests not playing consecutive numbers on one ticket. How many times have you seen 3 consecutive numbers win in a 5 digit game win? These kinds of patterns are to be avoided. One example he shows is many people play numbers diagonally across a ticket and thee combinations rarely come up. If these are the numbers your system told you to play, that is different. Choose them. Playing games with the lowest amount of numbers is another tip Ken suggests. If you avoid games with high numbers, for instance, from 60-90, your odds of winning will increase by odds in the thousands. Masterluck gives the Silver Lotto system its highest rating because of all the information that you receive to make you successful. We think you know this system will make you a better player so why not purchase it today and start a winning streak that could make your dreams come true. About the Author: By: Sandy Z – We are programmed from birth to believe a certain way and be a certain way. We can get over ourselves by reprogramming ourselves. By: Sandy Z – Are you stuck in a rut? So many of us spend our lives stuck in the same rut. In order to get out of that rut you need to take control of your life physically, financially, and emotionally. By: Sandy Z – Are you successful? 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