Software MS Exchange 2013 has several technology-rich set of services and attributes which offer user better emailing as well as other facilities. All editions of Exchange come with advanced features and similarly Server 2013 version aims at rendering user with more of collaboration-focus rather than mere communication within an environment. Along with this, it is more cost effective choice to make in comparison to Lotus Domino where only security is the prime concern and not a convenient storage system. New Features And Functionality In Exchange Are Designed To Do The Following: Support Multigenerational Workforce: MS Exchange provides smart search learns from user communication and collaboration behavior to enhance search results. Also it allow user to merge contacts from multiple sources to provide a single view of person, by linking contact information pulled from multiple sources. Provide An Engaging Experience: Exchange web applications have a streamlined user interface that also supports the use of touch, enhancing the mobile device experience with Exchange. Integrate With SharePoint And Lync: Exchange 2013 comes with In-Place e-Discovery option that ensures that relevant searches even from within a mailbox content gets listed in the search results for facilitating lesser technically sound users of an organization like; HR department, accounts department, etc that do not deal with technical attributes of Exchange. Integration of Exchange 2013 is done with SharePoint 2013 and Lync Server 2013 version respectively to list search results for databases maintained in the respective platforms relating to the search initiated by you. Help Meet Evolving Compliance Needs: Exchange 2013 helps you to find and search data not only in Exchange, but across your organization. With improved search and indexing, you can search across Exchange 2013, Lync 2013, SharePoint 2013, and Windows file servers that are integrated with Exchange. In addition to that, data loss prevention (DLP) can help keep your organization safe from users mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people. DLP helps you identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis. Provide A Resilient Solution: Exchange 2013 is built upon the Exchange Server 2010 architecture and has been redesigned for simplicity of scale, hardware utilization, and failure of transaction. All above set of features benefit users to a large extent if they migrate from Lotus Domino to Exchange 2013 . It will allow user to avail the advanced set of technical facilities that come along with MS Exchange 2013 instead of getting them in a complicated substructure of IBM Lotus Notes application. Lotus Notes; as quite well known by everyone, requires a lot of technical knowledge and expensive investment from the end user. Due to certain drawbacks of Lotus Notes users prefer to switch from one Server based messaging platform to another. The conversion of Notes to Exchange makes the respective procedure possible by removing complexity, accelerating user transition and mitigating the risk of data and downtime. It quickly and accurately migrate emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and journals to Exchange in less time. Avail Third Party Solution For Better Results! When Lotus Domino to Exchange 2013 migration process is necessary to be executed the best way is to adopt a third party solution that is built with special features for data migration. Mail Migration Wizard software is best among those which render the facility of migrating from Lotus Notes to MS Exchange as it processes three more facilities. A free demo is also helpful to user for judging software functions and abilities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: