Macao to promote the Zhejiang and East Timor to expand cooperation in the new network of marine – 13 October, Xinhua news agency, Macao (reporter Liu Chang) 13 reporters from the Macao trade and Investment Promotion Bureau, Zhejiang city of Zhoushan province and East Timor in China – Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade cooperation forum of the fifth ministerial meeting held in Macao during the period, the "Zhoushan – Macao – East Timor Fisheries Cooperation Fair, to jointly promote the Zhoushan enterprises in East Timor fishery, marine aquatic products processing project. Zhoushan is an important inland aquaculture, processing and sales base. East Timor is rich in fishery resources and has great potential for development. The two sides have their own advantages, has been the intention of cooperation. Last year, the city of Zhoushan through the "bilingual China – Portuguese speaking countries economic and trade cooperation and personnel information network" and the Macao professional service, many people visit East Timor. It is reported that the East Timor fishery cooperation project is expected in this year was arrested fishing license. By then, ocean vessels from Zhoushan will be allowed to enter the waters of the country. Zhoushan is also interested in cooperation with the local aquaculture, cold chain logistics and other industries, and to promote multi field, multi-level joint investment. Macao trade and investment promotion bureau chairman Zhang Zurong said that the forum will further deepen trade cooperation and play the role of Macao as a service platform China and the Portuguese speaking countries, Zhoushan and East Timor can be expected soon to project, Trade Promotion Bureau will continue to follow up the project, and to provide assistance. East Timor Secretary of state Istar Kniss work? Da Silva said that the forum held shows the importance of the Macao bridge and platform of action. He hoped that in the future with the assistance of mainland China and Macao and East Timor, the local agricultural development, tourism development and other new projects.相关的主题文章: