Internet-and-Business-Online They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram has done a great job of demonstrating that old saying. This simple app does little more than make it simple for users to share and .ment on photographs, yet it’s taken the world by storm. Even rookie photographers have established a following, giving them a creative outlet that they otherwise might never have had. This is excellent news for businesses that want to begin marketing with Instagram, and benefit from it’s popularity, but who don’t have a professional photographer on staff. Building a following on Instagram is less about photographic ability than creativity. Here are 6 innovative ways to start marketing with Instagram so that users will take notice. 1) Go Behind the Scenes Offering behind-the-scenes photos is an excellent way to do so if you want to make a personal connection with your Instagram followers. You can share photos of them in various stages of production if you sell products. Even random photos of you and your staff can be interesting if you spruce them up with a filter and add a interesting or funny caption. 2) Satisfied Customers Show your happy customers! Get customers’ permission to take their photos and publish them on Instagram. Try to get a photo of them using your product if possible, and include a short testimonial in the caption. 3) Cuteness Goes A Long Way Overdo the cuteness. Photos of kitties, puppies, newborns and other adorable beings are always a hit. Find a way to work the cuteness factor into your photos, and your followers will love you for it. 4) The Sneak Preview Provide a sneak preview. Use Instagram to announce a new product or promotion. You could take a super-close-up of your new product and let followers guess what it is, or write a coupon code in the sand and post the image. 5) Show Results Show positive results. Post before and after photos of what your products and services can do. If you’re promoting something that produces results over time, you could even post a photo every day or week to show progress. 6) Everyone Enjoys A Contest Have a contest. Post pictures as clues to a puzzle, and offer a prize for the first person who figures it out. Or ask users to post photos of themselves using your product and have followers choose their favorite. Any type of contest will attract interest and help you obtain more followers. These are just a few of the unique ways you can begin marketing with Instagram. Once you have started and seen what other users are doing, you’ll find many more. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: