Media: Han Han restaurant food safety – no immunity to Beijing on according to the report, there is a restaurant in Wuhan in the south, the name "nice to meet you," the restaurant writer Han Han is the own brand, but on Friday by the Wuhan Municipal Food and drug administration included in the "very glad to meet you." one, because the restaurant operating without a license, a rodent problem was closed directly. In fact, as early as last August, Han Han in Ningbo branch for operating without a license, was fined 28 yuan; and in August of this year, Han Han in the restaurant of Suzhou suffered a decoration company Taoxin; in addition, the Internet for the evaluation of the brand restaurant one-sided poor decoration: sloppy, strange taste of dishes, the waiter the service level is too bad…… People excitedly ran to the Han Han name, but disappointed. Now, the Wuhan restaurant and broke the unlicensed scandal, in this case, people will ask: Celebrity under the restaurant business, not only focus on money, unlicensed, serious rodent, regardless of the basic food safety and hygiene of the restaurant. October 1, 2015, the implementation of the People’s Republic of China food safety law clearly stipulates that engaged in food production, food sales, food and beverage services, shall obtain permission in accordance with the law. Whatever the reason, Han Han’s restaurant did not do it is a fact that the rat is a serious fact. In this regard, Han Han and management team to blame. Currently, Han Han restaurant is mainly direct and joined the two models, the past two years, the rapid expansion in the country. Now, the collapse of the Ningbo store, Wuhan shop rat seriously, it is likely that the Han Han team’s lack of effective management of its franchisees. The table is a rat feces, nausea is the patrons, hit the Han Han brand. Celebrities have no immunity in food safety. Reporter Ma Xiaojun (staff)相关的主题文章: