Michel denounced the U.S. women’s obscene media said it was the Department of the Department of the local time on October 13th, Michel ·, said in his speech, said in his speech, Mr boasted of indecent behavior of women is too shameful for her to do so in a speech, said: "," said Obama. China daily on 14 October, (Gao Linlin) local time on October 13th, the U.S. first lady Michel · Obama speech held in Manchester city in the New Hampshire rally, denouncing Trump touted his lewd female behavior is very shameful, totally unacceptable, must immediately stop. When Trump entered the locker room mentioned female clothes etc. scandal, Michel said: "it makes me feel thrilling." Previously, a video of Trump in 2015 was leaked, which he told "access Hollywood" former anchor Billy · Bush show, said he did not get permission to kiss women, just like the stars say they can do whatever they want. After the video exposure, Billy · Bush was suspended. Michel said that all people should now stand up and say "enough", Trump’s actions must be stopped immediately, "this will affect the United States men? Men in my life would never talk about women like that." Trump in the second presidential debates about women’s speech in insisted that he got a lot of men responded and said, "that’s just the locker room chat",. Michel believes that the real strong man, the real example is not to belittle women to raise their own, but will inspire others to unite people together. Many media broadcast the first lady’s speech, and caused hot friends. Microsoft – NBC host Joey · Reed Post said, Michel’s speech was Obama’s victory speech "yes, we can" copy. The media have commented, "Huffington post" to "the first lady of the United States" fire "Trump" as the headlines, "Capitol Hill" website is likened to "Hilary Michel is the most powerful weapon". "Capitol Hill" website published an article that over the past eight years, as his wife Michel has focused on the care of veterans the less controversial affairs. However, she is now out of the race for Hilary platform to support her husband’s competitors. The survey report quoted Gallup consulting released in August shows that the popularity of Michel people in the United States high popularity than trump and Hilary two people even higher than her husband, but also loved by the people. Have to say, she is indeed a major weapon in the Hilary camp". Source: China daily editor: Qu Kun SN117相关的主题文章: