Advertising Earlier, the skills of embroidery were not being taught to next generations from mothers. The skills used to pass on from mothers to daughters and so on. But, if we check out the modern use of embroidery in the corporate world, it has been utilizing in a best possible ways. Of course, the techniques are getting used with correct combination of technology but it is somewhere also influenced by traditional skills. Through this article well discuss more on the relation between the traditional and modern embroidery skills. Check out the following points: Need of hand embroidery Individuals should know that traditional hand embroidery is still has a large following. And cross-stitch type is one such technique type which is in fashion. More traditional techniques are Assisi, Goldwork and Blackwork. These types are known to require much more specialist knowledge and skills to complete accurately and such skills are not related with cross-stitch embroidery. Is hand embroidery in Main Street actually needed? As per modern promotion solution providers, a number of techniques like screen printing, sign and banners in Vancouver are getting used but embroidery has got its own specialty and demand. And the techniques are divided into different types and all such types are based or inspired from old or traditional methods which are hand embroidery. All work or stitches involved in the designing of t-shirts or other garments get a huge help of traditional method, the only difference is machines are used in the present times as compared to traditional hand method. New technology is good or bad? From advertising to other industries, technology is a good thing. Using latest technologies doesnt mean that traditional methods have been left but it means the same old methods are followed in a very smart manner that can save both time and money. Very specific stitches were used earlier but now the design can be made more appealing with the use of images, more colors, texts, etc, in a single piece of design. Are we losing traditional skills? Machines are getting used for different kinds of stitches and designs that reflect slowly and slowly hand embroidery is getting avoided. The fact is a number of wonderful things can be created from traditional methods and so it is required to encourage next generation to explore best of things from the old method. Thus, from the above discussions, it is clear that modern embroidery has become high-tech but is still influenced by traditional skills and methods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: