Mudu delicacy tongue, only on the Chinese 2 "is a dark cuisine – Sohu to travel to play today only delicacy Mudu. Sweet marinated tofu is Suzhou’s most famous snacks, remember the first is packed in cartons shipped to all parts of the country, is the use of cylindrical fresh soybean as raw material, the preparation, cleaning, soaking, grinding, boiling, freezing, flinging pulp, pressing, molding, frying, stewing, cooling and packaging fruit, is not easy. Known as the best in all the land cake created in Mudu Zaoni cake, Qianlong forty-six years (1781), has been 200 years of history. According to legend, Emperor Qian Long Jiangnan, had the palace in lingyanshan, every day to hear mountain temple monks chanting. One day, the emperor Qian Long did not hear the chanting, he inquired, the original is Mudu qianshengyuan production Zaoni cake fragrant, old and still smell, chanting did not mind, then one lying around the wall, where the fragrance floated? In this regard, Qianlong was also surprised, he ordered to town to buy a cake to try, really deserved reputation, fragrant, sweet and delicious, longyan. Since then, Mudu qianshengyuan Zaoni cake has become one of the imperial snacks, known as "the best in all the land cake" its reputation is more significant. Jiangnan everywhere the fruit contains rich protein, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins and trace elements. Has diuretic milk, thirst, drug hangover effect. Shrimp, tender meat, delicious taste, rich nutrition, aquatic food is high in protein and low in fat, fried shrimp and shrimp are Jiangnan favorite food lovers. Roast fish, trout barbecue out the peach flowers flowing away with water, fresh fish, let people drool with envy. Osmanthus autumn is the best season full of branches of the edible lotus root, sweet crisp rotten Oupian makes appetizer heat, nourishing health. Salty crispy hoof, although not unique but also the characteristics of rural Mudu. Whitebait run eggs, commonly known as "yellow loquat in May, Taihu whitebait fertilizer", Taihu whitebait is rich in nutrition, delicate meat, fresh white scales, no thorns, no bone without bowel, no smell, contains a variety of nutrients, this dish in Taihu around wurenbuxiao. This is the tender flesh, delicious white fish, white shrimp, whitebait and was called "Taihu three white" and the world. See also the fish head soup, lotus root. This tie the meat, fat and not greasy meat, fragrant sauce, hand rub together, but separate. Said so much to eat delicacy Mudu, but poor, and only this as the central station on the tongue Chinese 2". January 2013, CCTV "tongue 2" crew boot, sent a number of crew, traveled around the country to find delicacy and shooting delicacy story, now this little Wu Zhentang is famous overseas, because the tip of the tongue 2 in Suzhou City, picked up a bowl of noodles (please refer to my previous article), and in the suburbs of Mudu choose only here a bowl of rice. The record has been slightly yellow, to tell the truth, broadcast two years later, here and that a bowl of the same size and still have some gaps. "There is no green rice, make me good color. Bitter lack of large pharmaceutical capital o相关的主题文章: