Since Myinternetbusiness cost $500 to $3000 to start, can you pay my way in? No, because that would be the first sign of a sponsor with a failing system. This is a true indication that their marketing is so weak that they would even cut their own .mission. Now how can they promise that they will help you make what you’re desiring to make? Question #2. Is this internet business just another pyramid? Yes, just like your family, job, and even your church. Place any organization or business on a flowchart and explain to me how is not a pyramid. The question should be is it an illegal pyramid scam, and the answer would be no. An illegal pyramid scam is when the leaders of a pyramid design the .pensation in a way that it is virtually impossible for you to continuously make incredible amounts of money. Question #3. How fast can I make money in this business with The Jeremiah 2911 Team? It depends how fast you can make the decision to join my internet business. The answer is truly that simple. People who are slow decision makers are usually slow in making money, and vice versa. Once you know what you want and decide to take action on a consistent base, money will .e. Question #4. Will I get burned in this .pany? No unless you give over all your control over to your sponsor, team, and the .pany. If you talk to anyone who have been burned before and ask them the right questions, you would notice a .mon denominator. They allowed their business opportunity to be their business. In other words, your business opportunity and everyone who are affiliate with your business opportunity should be your leveraging tool for your primary business… which is You. Question #5. Do have the best products? No and neither do McDonalds. Even though can arguably be the best inter. business to start with the most valuable products in the industry, it only partially matters. People really just want to make money fast and have fun now; this is what matters the most, and have a system and products in place to fulfill that purpose. Question #6. Should I join today? No if you don’t want to start to make money today. If you want to shop around, go and shop around. If you want to start making money next year, just wait until next year. If you don’t think you can make money, just sit on the sideline and wait for everyone else to make money and then join. It’s up to you. Question #7. What is Your reliable transportation towards financial independence. gives you the key, the directions, and the transportation to get your financial independence, but you have to get in and drive. What are you waiting for? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: