"Nature" sub journal contributor suggested nine South China Sea Line Chinese editorial delete write resigned in protest – Sohu culture channel "science report" (Scientific Reports) is a natural group published by Springer? An international academic journal. The magazine before the date of submission article suggested that people are omitted in the subsequent modification or delete in the South China Sea China "nine lines" logo, caused academic opposition and hot. The morning of August 29th, Peking University School of city and environment ecology department associate professor Tang Zhiyao told surging news (), he has been in the 21 day and 25 day two times to "science report", resigned from the editorial board (Editorial Board Member) office. "The only function of academic journals is academic communication, rather than political disputes. The biggest problem with the scientific report was that it deviated from its academic function and set a position in a political dispute." Tang Zhiyao said. As of 29 am, Tang Zhiyao has not received a reply. But Tang Zhiyao said, "no matter how" science report "in response, I have decided to finish editing the manuscript is few, the individual is no longer" science report "for editing the manuscript, no longer contribute to the" scientific report "," science review report "is no longer." "Science report" labeling Chinese map as "Chinese", part of the contents of the nine sections of the line received ellipsis of plant China Institute, the former director Mark online in August 12th that he submitted to "scientific report" after the mail. "Science report" in the message that the contributors do the following modifications, then the subsequent submission process will include: Taiwan China map marked as "Chinese", and (omitted or deleted) nine line identification. (the mail for the original "Scientific Reports uses the term ‘Greater China’ to describe a map that includes Taiwan. Please could you use the term ‘Greater China’ to describe your map in text legends and labels It is Scientific?" "Reports’practice to omit the nine-dash line from articles, unless inclusion of the line is essential to the scientific context of the paper.") then, August 17th, note data for the study of Water Conservancy Science Research Institute of Jiangxi province Fu Hui also published online in the scientific content of their similar email received from "science" of the report..相关的主题文章: