Netizens brain hole wide open cry Samsung 9 day holiday horrible truth Hello, Hello, welcome to this edition of "TeX show". Although Samsung has appeared several times in the show, but it seems that every time is not the protagonist, today we will come to say. The story, however, is a combination of a big day this week, and that’s halloween. This Note7 and Halloween met together, not to touch what sparks ah, en ~ so in the hole without the lower limit of the street, there is such a picture. However, careful combing, or can be found, although these Coser scattered different corners of the people, but also to form a complete system. Look, this is not in the Note7 factory, inspectors check the quality of the mobile phone in. Although the effect is not as good as Zhang Quandan looks funny, but from the goggles and gloves can be seen, the professional quality inspector.                                               but this time how can the lack of the protagonist, the next step is the burning of Note7. Spark randomlooking freely, it also reflects a whirling fire explosion of mobile phone. There is this, really can not help but want to give out ah. But at this time, you may need a fire extinguisher, so there is the following picture. Fire extinguishers rushed to the monarch line, speed is still worthy of praise. But there is an explosion of mobile phone, naturally have a wounded person is not, the classmates, you only put pants burned, the white thigh is a few mean ah, obviously not want pengci. To say that this is a few dedicated, are fried into this, I really love you.   to have said, since Halloween, that is the way to send you a most horrible dress, don’t tell me you don’t see this feel numb.   well, we look at the news, this just love to open a conference brush there is a sense of Meizu, this week is finally after you tired of watching the conference play out new tricks, opened the concert, oh, also comes with a press conference. On Monday, Meizu Charm Blue Night Concert held in the bird’s nest, as mobile phone ring concert best entertainment mobile phone makes the sneak manufacturers, this time finally is not in the conference into a concert, tongtongkuaikuai opened the concert, oh, oh, by the way out several products. A resident artist is the Meizu appeared on the same stage, although the overall lineup is not large, but our colleagues family join, but also for the whole concert considerably. What, you say you don’t know, well, that just means you’re on us;相关的主题文章: