Next year, Sichuan No. 93 gasoline upgrading for No. 92, No. 97 for No. 95 Sichuan online news (reporter Li Xinyi) reporter from November 4th Chinese Sichuan Petroleum Marketing Company was informed that the Sichuan area from January 1, 2017 to upgrade the national standard of five. By then, the gas station will stop selling less than the national standard five vehicles with gasoline, diesel. 93, 97 of the gasoline will be adjusted to 92, 95, 98, three labels. Currently, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities and some cities in Guangdong has begun to implement the national five standard, Chengdu will also take the lead in the country after the first year of the new year to taste the oil, some areas may also be ahead of schedule in advance of the five. After the implementation will significantly reduce pollutant emissions and four national standards than the national standard of five, there are three down: sulfur content decreased by 80%, sulfur is the most critical environmental indicators for gasoline vehicles, the main component is caused by acid rain sulfur; manganese content index limit reduced to 2mg L, in favor of vehicle emission control the system, but also reduce the potential harm to human health; olefin content decreased from 28% to 24% per liter, more can reduce the production of automotive engine air intake system deposits. After the implementation of a substantial reduction in vehicle emissions, is expected to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides in the car about 300 thousand tons per year, the cumulative reduction of nitrogen oxides in the new car for about 90 thousand tons of about 5 tons. Since January 1, 2017, all the manufacture, import, sale and registration of light gasoline vehicles, heavy-duty diesel vehicles (buses and buses, sanitation, postal purposes), must comply with the requirements of the national standard five. Since January 1, 2018, all light diesel vehicles manufactured, imported, sold and registered in the country shall meet the requirements of the five national standards. A week: Yibin Hotel pick slip female thermal field of Sichuan caught female celebrities charming girl Chengdu rent urban hard life to save money coed two slobber power dam filling amount equivalent to 6 real white Formica nest nightclub corrupt life No. 93 for 92 No. 97 for No. 95 to remind the industry, with the original No. 93 gasoline, plus 92 gasoline can be upgraded, the original plus 97 gasoline, plus 95 gasoline can be upgraded. Don’t bother to clean the oil tank, No. 93, No. 97 oil tank, can be directly mixed with No. 92 and No. 95 oil, the first secondary fuel after refueling, refueling four or five times, will be able to complete the natural transition. Fuel consumption is mainly related to driving habits, road condition, and other factors, change very little effect on fuel consumption of gasoline. Data show that No. 97 for 95 oil, fuel consumption increased by an average of 0.37%. The original use of gasoline 93 vehicles to switch to gasoline No. 92, no significant change in fuel consumption. China five promotion timeline in September 17, 2013, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the "light vehicle emission limits and measurement methods (China’s fifth phase)". December 18, 2013, the State Administration of quality supervision and inspection and the National Standards Commission issued a mandatory national standards for automotive gasoline. On April 28, 2015, the ninetieth executive meeting of the state council.相关的主题文章: