No longer afraid Zhuangshan! Bai Baihe a T-shirt out of N fan children article reprinted from the media public number: freaky fashion fan (ID:lma778) Bai Baihe really love to wear a T-shirt, and clothes are explosive, ordinary but very fashionable. She and ten stars while wearing the white monkey T, Zhuangshan so star, do not know who wear more more adorable cute! Lan Qin VS Yuan Shanshan VS Yang Mi VS Wang Ou VS Zhang Li with a white T-shirt monkey wanted to show a different style, depends on how to take a short paragraph, revealing small waist jeans collocation, very sexy, shorts or pants collocation selection of general models, the dive in, more range of children! Bai Baihe VS Dongyu Zhou VS Lunmei Kwai VS Bao Lei VS Liu Shishi is a monkey with a white T-shirt, but the details are somewhat different, very classic black and white collocation black pants ride, Liu Shishi collocation hole wide leg pants, fashionable offensive full range, but Belle wear skirt more playful lady! In fact, Bai Baihe really dressed, in the propaganda film during the same T-shirt of different colors, even through eight different styles! 1, black T-shirt + Black Striped Shorts T-Shirts collocation loose striped shorts, casual the cuffs rolled up, tuck pants, casual comfortable fan, foot on this pair of shoes is very lazy stylish, bow design and sweet! Yang Yang Bai Baihe led the movement who will seize the fashionable medals? 2, a black T-shirt + ripped jeans black loose T-shirt collocation ripped jeans, casual fashion collocation, the cuff volume is very stylish, this pair of black shoes on the foot is a suction eye! 3, black T-shirt + velvet skirt black and red wine is a Oh, the red velvet skirt feels retro fashion collocation, black T-shirt, black loafers foot and yellow socks, very fashionable taste it! 4, a black T-shirt + Green A-line A dark green this year is very popular, the collocation black T-shirt, lovely lady, wearing double color low heeled shoes, fashionable and fresh range of children! 5, a white T-shirt + hole wash pants this white T-shirt is very good, lower body wearing jeans choose washing water, very fresh and stylish, feet take this pair of wine red shoes, color super suction eye! 6, a white T-shirt + long denim skirt of a white cowboy button group is also very popular, in the long section of the denim skirt is very elegant, feet take this on red high-heeled shoes, super beautiful! 7, a white shirt + jeans loose strap this dress collocation can loose denim pants, foot a pair of white shoes, very casual dress, wearing a baseball cap was cute cute cartoon! 8, rose red T-shirt + black casual pants this red T-shirt with Purple Plaid shirt collocation is really classic, black collocation nine pants, shirts are half into your pants, too funky, wearing this pair of shoes is very lazy stylish, different kinds of printing is very handsome tide!相关的主题文章: